Friday, October 8, 2010

But F The Game, If it Aint Saying Nothin!!

Welcome to the official start of Stephanie Blogs NBA 2010/2011 Season.  Now I know I've talked a lot of trash on facebook over the years about the NBA.. but I mean, when you seriously love this game, how can you not have a voice.  Look at Kenny the Jet and Charles Barkley.. like some of the best commentators.. and then theres those boring ass commentators from NBA/Raptors TV.  Turner ones kill it, which is why I started blogging before the season has begun.  Exhibition games are on, and the half-time report sucks.  Can't wait for some wicked games on TNT.

So who is the most likely player to get suspended or expelled this season?  Who woulda thought Gilbert Arenas would go out like that.  I'm sure Michael Jordan didn't.  All I know is my bets are on Chris Anderson or Delonte West. 

I'm so excited to see Rasheed still Mash it up with Garnett in Boston.  I got asked at work the other day by one of my coworkers who is the only one I know at work that will trash talk ball with me, "How does a west coast girl cheer for Boston"?  Well the answer is Rasheed and Garnett.  Although I am wondering why they had to go and get so many more big men.  Jermaine and Shaq?  I mean the team is stacked already, and Boston is known as one of the biggest teams.  West Coast ain't got the mass the East does for sure.

So who's everyones Rookie right now.  DaMarcus Cousins is where it's at.  He's going to be a Dwight pretty soon for sure.  My main Rookie last year Stephen Curry did big thangs.  I see in Curry, Rajon Rondo if he had range a few years back.  Curry and Cousins are completely different.. but I bet both will go real far.

So a lot of talk about Miami right.  Well all I gotta say is Boston 2011!  They are ready and hungry, and Miami ain't got the chemistry yet.  I just noticed the Big Z is also in Miami.  Poor Cleveland.  Well I never did like Mike Brown, so now is his chance to do big things and prove to a sad state what he can do.  Otherwise he will be lucky like Avery to become a random crappy commentator.

Hello NBA 2010/2011.  Now this will be an amazing blogged season.  Garnett and Rasheed are in tha House!!!!

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  1. What? where is No. 34?.. No mention of Paul Pierce despite the fact that Boston cannot sustain this kind of success without him.

  2. Oh you know I got love for Pierce, and Ray Allen and Rondo.. but you know my heart is with Rasheed and Garnett!!!!