Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caution the road is hot

Welcome To Stephanie Blogs NBA 2010/2011.  The official first post of the regular season.  I have previously posted on the first preseason game, and also before preseason started in my Basketball Smack Talk section. 

I was sooooo extremely hyped all day.  In fact one of the first things I did today was ensure that Charles was going to wear his Kevin Garnett chamiponship Celtic jersey for the home game opener this season.  He said he wasn't, so I was like I am going to manage to wear this!  It was so big it was like wearing a Celtics dress, but with some jeans and a tee underneath, and a few teal and green bracelets with some green sneakers I pulled it off.  My work office is very casual, but then they make outdoor performance & sport wear... so they were probably more accepting of my oversized jersey, than when I wear pleather skinnies with a Michael Kors silk top, oversized vintage wool sweater & some 4 inch heals.  Hardly anyone dresses up at my work, but thankfully others have come forward since I started working there telling me I have encouraged them to dress more stylish.

Anyways, welcome to the Boston 2010/2011 new championship era.  Sorry haters, but thats what's going to happen.  Don't worry, I have predicting skills.  I did predict DUKE would take it last year and they did :).  So I had 5 key points to discuss, the #1st - Rasheed Wallace.

I was getting way to excited this morning to see my favorite player ever - Rasheed Wallace, play tonight.  Little did I know - I would pull up the Celtics Roster, just to not find Wallaces name there.  I was shocked!!  I was like did he get traded?  What happened to my main man!!  So I went to NBA players, and his name was not there!!  I called Charles immediately, and was told he retired.  Sooo sad, especially just finding out this afternoon and being totally hyped to see him play tonight!!

He was my favorite player..  And incase you are wondering who my other faves have been I've always had love for Robert Horry, Jalen Rose, Eddie Jones, Dwight Howard, Dennis Rodman & Kevin Garnett - and Rick Fox when he was the short haired, non cheating on Vanessa Williams kinda guy.

I'm going to miss Rasheed.  I loved him because he didnt give a fuck about doing those damn mandatory Stern interviews after each game.  I love him for his expression, and I love him for how deep he'll share his emotions for this game.  I admired him in Portland, and he became the man in Detriot.  I'll miss you & your grey hairspot Rasheed!!!

Now onto topic #2 - Shaq.  How is buddy not in shape this season?  Oh maybe it's cause he is too busy challenging Charles Barkley and Justin Bieber on Shaq vs, then getting in shape during off season like the others.  His belly, arms and neck are huge!!!!  But put him and Garnett together, and thats going to be a hard defense to get around.  Did anyone else notice his pass earlier to the Big Z like they are still team mates for Mike Brown?  Shaq better get it together, cause there is a lot of big men for the Green, and Perkins is on his way back!!

#3 - Thoughts Proven.  This topics I actually just really wanted to say to all those who thought Miami would runaway with tonights game - I TOLD YA'LL THEY AIN'T GOT THE HISTORY AND THE CHEMISTRY LIKE THE KEY PLAYERS DO FOR BOSTON!!!!  Boston may have a lot of new edditions, but Pierce, Allen, Garnett and Rondo hand the key chemistry and all players can be clutch.  Miami may bring a lot of noise, but they only spent a few months together, not a few years.  So anyone else think Bosh shaved his dreads for a fresh start?  Dustin' off them haters.

#4 - TNT Commentators.  Yay for Kenny & Chuck!  So glad to see them back.  This is where Shaq belongs when he retires.  Kenny & Chuck are the best, and if it wasn't for them, the halftime report sucks.  I can't even name which commentators are crappy as they are so insignificant and don't even get noticed.

#5 - This Season.  I am soo excited for this season.  I have missed my ball, and living in Vancouver all I seem to be surrounded by is crazyed hockey fans, and people that hate basketball because Toronto now sucks.  I've been telling them all along Toronto has always sucked, but I guess Chris Bosh really did fly away with their spirits.  I'm also really excited to check out Stephen Curry some more as he is my favorite up in coming.  I also think DeMarcus Cousins has potential to bring some crazy blocks, fowls and even drama to the court.  This season is still young, but there have been some key trades.  Boozer is with Chi-town, and Arenas is back.  So Mr. Demanding Stern, may be anal with suits on the courts, and interviews, but I guess money and numbers will make the world go round for him.. I wonder if Jordan is happy he is back

Bob Marley - Caution

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  1. Sheed!! and all them technical fouls. Gonna miss u.!!