Monday, October 11, 2010

I can't rock with you no more

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Well there's no turkey in this post, but we still had a feast!  Charles and I hit up Stephos for a long weekend brunch after a rainy day stroll in Vancouver.  We did some shopping downtown, and checked out the VIFF lineup but the ones we wanted to see werent playing, so we headed over to Scotia theatre, and nothing really stood out - so we went for a late brunch.  We couldn't decide on where to go, so we headed to Davie and ended up at Stephos.  Stephos was super packed as always, and we got one of the last tables without a wait, right by the kitchen.  We didnt eat breakfast prior, and I was pretty hungry so we decided to share an appy to go with our main.  I had forgot how big Stepho's plates are.  I'm still so full, and it's now 5 hours later.  Has anyone tried their steamed clams?  I'm thinking of trying those next visit.  Anyways check out the pics below from my Stepho's visit.

Charles ordered an Espresso, I had Peppermint tea. It was the first time he has ever ordered an espresso, and was shocked that it's so tiny yet so strong.  It's always funny to watch people who have no idea what an espresso is drink it like regular coffee.

We ordered the Saganaki to share - pan fried cheese for 4.95.  Nothing like ooey gooey warm cheese to warm you up on a cold day.  The cheese was awesome, but I sorta wish they added some pepper or some other spice to it.  They did provide a lemon slice that went great with the cheese.  The pita was just your regular pita, nothing special.

Garlic Prawns with Rice Pilaf, Roast Potatoes & Greek Salad for 12.45.  Talk about Portion control!  I was wishing they had a small of this, but they only had one size.  I totally was not able to finish this, but at least I ate all 12 of my pretty big Garlic Prawns.  I was shocked they provided 12, most places you get about 8.  I was also shocked they came arrived in a pan of melted butter!  I hardly eat butter, I don't even put it on corn on the cob - but I guess if you love butter these are for you!  There was a whole lot of garlic, and even a chilli pepper that they were cooked in.

Charles had the Rack Of Lamb for 9.95 which came with Roast Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Vege Briami and Salad.  I was curious what the Briami dish was as it looked like stew and I had never tried it before.  I tried some of Charles, and I swear it tasted like a drained Cambells Veggie soup.  His lamb portion was huge, and it was falling off the bone, so for under 10 bucks it was a pretty great deal!

When we were on our way home, this sign made me want to be somewhere warm, and not the 3 layers of shirts followed by a jacket I was wearing. 

I always love little birds!  On Davie, there were these 2 tiny bushes that had about 10 of these birds that must have nested inside that kept popping in and out of the bushes while all chirping.  Soo cute!

Foxy Brown ft Total - I Can't

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