Sunday, October 31, 2010

Inside A Killer, Thriller Tonight

Happy Halloween everyone!!!  Hope everyone celebrating this weekend has fun costumes, scary movies and activities to celebrate the festivities!  I recently went out to a local sushi spot - Gohan.  It's been here for about 4 years but we have never gone for some reason.  We finally checked it out .  We both ordered one of their lunch specials - the chicken teriyaki and ebi tempura combo for 8.95.  I really, really wanted to try some of their specialty rolls which ranged from $5-$10 a roll, but I knew my eyes were bigger than my apetite.  Glad I didn't order more as we were both so full afterwards.

The server seemed a little too juiced up and angry, and came around way too often.  Also the music!!!  When we arrived they were playing some slow Michael Jackson, which was followed by some Loud Opera, than back to some slow Michael Jackon.  They had no sense of a playlist, and proper volume.  Other than that, the tempura was really light and fresh, and hardly oily.  The fruit was fresh pineapple which was good, and the teriyaki sauce was thick and really tasty.

After breakfast we headed home, relaxed, ran some errands and then got ready for our dinner at Moxies on W Broadway.  I have never been to Moxies prior, and I won a $100 GC through BTV recently. We got there, and saw they still had a heated patio going, and we saw a perfect table right beside a fireplace and a screen showing the World Series game 3 in Texas.  Perfect spot for us to chill, relax and watch the game!  Our waitress was GI Jane, and was much better that the creepy sushi boy from Gohan.  The music was also way more pleasing.

I ordered one of their daily drink specials to start - The Electric Long Island Slushy.

We ordered 2 appetizers to start - the Wasabi Tuna Tartare with fresh salsa, avocado & crostinis; and the Calamari tossed with red onions & tzatziki.  The tartare $11, was pretty fab.  The consistency fell apart into chunks really easily, but it was great to have the huge pieces.  The salsa and avocado made it really refreshing.

We also ordered Calmari for $10.  The peices were very small and easier to eat, but some pieces being more batter than squid.  It was a light coating which was great, and it paired well with the red onion.  I wished their was some jalepeno or chillies to add some heat though!

I had to also try the Rasberry Long Island Special also.

Our patio view was really reminding me of fall, especially sitting by a warm fireplace.

We ordered our mains later end of game, and I ordered the Taandori Salmon Salad $16 with mango & sunflower seeds served with melted brie on naan bread.  This salad was amazing!  I loved the mango, water chestnuts and cabbage with the perfectly cooked salmon.  The curry flavored naan with brie was pretty amazing also.

He ordered the Top Sirloin Oscar $28 with 8 oz steak with jumbo prawns, atlantic crab & béarnaise.  He loved his steak.  The prawns were good too, but we had a hard time removing the skewers.  I loved how the brocolli was a fresh huge piece!

Happy Halloween to all!  Off to the Utah vs Oklahoma City game now..

Michael Jackson - Thriller

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