Monday, October 18, 2010

O Little Darling Don't Shed No Tears, No Woman No Cry

What a weekend I have had.  A lot has happened, and a lot of procrastinations turned into reality.  I've had to make some really difficult decissions in my life over the past while, and while some of them really hurt.. I finally have come to realize, that it's my life - and I need to put myself first.  I need to stop living a life hoping that I will become an exception, and start paving my way where I don't need to be an exception because everything will be what I want.

Well enough with that, on to the fun part of my weekend!  So I came across this store by my work called Friis & Co.  Well it actually isn't a store, its more of a mini wholesale shop thats closing down in 2 weeks that has amazing deals that no one knows about.  What I love even more about it, is that it's danish designed!  With the fact that I'm half danish, and it's rare to find amazing danish fashion.. I fell in love with this place!

I got this amazing leather purse with strands of pearls and leather chains. 

I also bought 3 rings.  Here are 2 of them.  The first one is a set of clusters.

The 2nd is a Fish.

When saturday came along I headed over to Relish for lunch.  I didn't really have to much on an appetite, so I opted to try their Spiced Tomato soup with anise and fennel for $6 and also their Spicy Broccolini seared in chilli flakes and garlic for $6.  Both were amazing, and I really loved the soup.  One of the best tomato soups I have had in a long time for sure.  After a late lunch I headed back to my crib to get ready for Ladies Night!  I had a semi-ladies night the night before, but Saturday I was ready to party.

I met up with one of my girls Jazmin for dinner before meeting the rest of my girls in Vancouver.  Jaz and I were going to check out the new Joeys in Burnaby, but after hearing they had a 90 minute wait list for a party of 2, we decided to hit up commercial drive for a quick bite.  We had no idea where to go, but as we passed my favorite indian spot on the drive, Corner Taandori - Jazmin wanted to check it out.  Plus its super cheap, at 8.99 a dish and so filling!  I was still pretty full from my lunch before, so I didnt want any rice, and couldn't even eat half of my naan that came with it.

Jazmin had the butter chicken with naan for $8.99.

I had the chilli chicken with naan for $8.99

I had never tried this dish before, and wanted something different and it was really good!

When we left the drive I met up with my girls Julia and Annette at Commercial and headed downtown to meet up with Martina, Teresa, Arsha, Mayira and Cheri for Joseph Richards on Granville.  I had never been to this club, had no idea what they played or what the crowd would be like.  All I knew was Arsha brother worked the VIP area so we could get in with a late guestlist with no cover.  This club was pretty amazing.  Best part is there was no drama.  No drunken losers bugging us, and no fights breaking out.  Perfect spot for a group of 10 girls to dance the night away.  They had an alto sax player come out for a good portion of the night to play along to the club music.  I took a few pics from the night posted below.  Also a shot of their water bottles - don't they look like a mickey?  Hope everyone had an amazing saturday night like me!

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry

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