Thursday, October 7, 2010

So we drank a little wine, we had a good time, and we partied all night long

Welcome to the long awaited finale of 45 Shoes 45 Days.  Im thinking I should have saved a more fancier pair for the finale.. but my pink sneaks will have to do.  So this pic sort of reminds me of that movie where Hugh Grant and Sara Jessica Parker have their romantic dinner by the costco sized jars or Mayo..  I didnt realize I was standing by the jar of mayo when the photo was taken, let alone Mayo on every shelf!!  For my last day of 45 Shoes, 45 Days I wore my pink bubblegum Pro-Keds sneakers that I also wore during my 30 for 30 challenge.  One of my favorite pairs of Sneakers :)  I also wore a BCBG hoodie and a BeBop dress.  Too bad I didn't get to capture the button detail on the top of the dress.  This was a summer - spring dress, so I figured I'd get one last wear of it during the mini heat wave.

Incase you want a quick recap - these are the 45 Shoes I wore over the past 45 Days.

War - Cinco de Mayo

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