Saturday, October 2, 2010

With a boulder my shoulder, feeling kinda older, I tripped the merry-go-round

Who else had an awesome friday!  I actually felt like it was friday on thursday, so when it was friday I was extra happy!  Even working, it was a fun day as I'm coordinating all these fun fall corporate events, halloween, giants games, christmas parties! I got invited to a friday lunch outing with 7 other coworkers to one of their usual spots - Thai Cafe.  I'm a sucker for thai so I figured I'd join.  Hit & Miss for me.  They have about 10 lunch specials for under 10 bucks that come with soup or salad.  You can see the review below!  After work we headed over to Yaletown for a stroll and dinner at Glowbal Grill.  Love this place! 

It was also day 42 of 45 Shoes, 45 Days and I wore a pair of Nine West stilettos.  I love the heel and texture on these.  Perfect for a date night.  I also wore a London Times dress, Say What? sweater and a Buffalo belt with my BCBG purse.  Twas a good night :)

A Glowbal girl for the night with a You Glow Girl drink :)  Cheers!

Backtrack to lunch - this is the Thai Soup that came with my lunch combo.  THIS IS NOT THAI SOUP!!!  Well maybe it is, but all I could taste is watered down chicken stock and 1 basil leaf.  Seriously?  Sounds like Seth and Amy and Tina from the weekend update need to review this.  This gets 2 thumbs down.

This gets 2 thumbs up!  I ordered the Papaya salad with peanuts, tomatoes, carrots, chillies, with BBQ chicken on coconut rice for lunch.  I wanted something light so I didnt eat to much rice.  It was good though and not overcooked at all.  The chicken also had a coconut taste which was great as my salad packed some heat.  Loved it!  Papaya went perfect with the peanuts and spice.

Fast Forward to a night in Yaletown!  Yes I did take a picture of my bread.  It was so good it deserved it!  Normally I don't always eat the complimentary bread, but this was so fresh and I even touched the butter mix and it was great!  It was great for someone who never has butter!

My drink of the night.. couldn't decide what to get, so one of the 7 Glowbal Grill staff that holla'd at us throughout the evening recommended I try the You Glow Girl.. as it was his secret obsession.  It was fab, and I will totally drink it again!

My date and I each ordered a Satay to go with our main.  He tried the Lamb Chop with honey glaze for $4.50.  I tried the Ahi Tuna with panko crust and tobiko Aioli for $3.50.  These were so good!  It was served with Thai Slaw, and the 2 dips were Ginger White Soya and Hot Chinese Mustard.  I loved the ginger one!  The Slaw was also devine. 

Close up of the Satays.  Pretty big chunks of meat.  Total Score!

 We both had the feature dish of the night.  It was pan-seared Halibut with whipped potatoes mashed with garlic, shrimp, scallops and crab with seasonal veggies.  This was so good!  The halibut was cooked perfect, and this dish tasted fab!  Although I did get a chunk of undercooked potato, but besides that, this dish tasted awesome!

After Glowbal we strolled around Yaletown.  Yaletown was happening!  We deff had a fun night around Mainland st.

Steve Miller Band - Blinded By The Light

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