Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is what we swear

Friday nights are always fun, even when one of your homegirls is leaving the country.  I'm going to miss my homegirl Martina, but at least we had one good farewell in gastown before she went back to Czech.

We started off in Gastown on our way to Steamworks.  Stopped at the Gastown clock that always looks amazing.

Had a quick bite at Steamworks and tried a small order of their signature Salad.  Goats cheese, blueberries, cranberries, roasted almonds, mesclun greens & house dressing - $6.49.  I also tried a cap of their baked mushroom caps - stuffed with snow crab, fresh herbed cream cheese for $8.49 that another person had ordered.  This salad was really good for if you want something quick and light.  The mushroom cap was also amazing.  Super rich and heavy.  I think the girl that ordered them got around 12, and these would be a meal of their own.  The mushroom caps would also be a great sharing appy - like their nacho's.

After Steamworks we headed over to Honey Lounge.  Friday nights are now 50's nights where we could hear a lot of old school Motown.

Everyone had a great last night for Martina's farewell.

Then as I was heading home I met the dark, foggy sky hovering over the black ice below.

Morgan Heritage - How Come

Christmas is the day Christ came

I have been so MIA towards my blog it's not even funny!  I've been super busy, but I can't even use that as an excuse, as I follow some pretty amazing bloggers who get their posts in almost every other day. 

It's now a weekend wrap up with 3 posts, this being the first.  Hello Snow!  Vancouver is known for their rain, yet we tend to get a snow storm maybe once or twice a year.  Usually it's hardly anything to sweat over, and this was our second snow blast of the year.  It's not even officialy winter yet, so I can only imagine what's to come.

This is what I woke up to as I was leaving my building shortly before 730am.

I arrived to work and recieved free baked goodies from one of my favorite bakers.  If you havent tried them allready, Lolos Yumyums are one of Vancouver's newest and most amazing baked good suppliers!  I've tried a few of their cupcakes including the Eclair and Hawaii 5.0, and also several of their cookies.  With her latest Christmas launch, she brought in free samples of her Marshmellow Truffles, Chocolate covered Pretzels and White Chocolate Popcorn.  I have to say I love popcorn all over again, and pretzels covered in dark chocolate with broken toffee crumbs.  So amazing!

Come lunch time we had 10 cm of snow.  This is my work Gazebo.

Alton Ellis - Christmas Coming

Saturday, November 6, 2010

From Cairo to Kenya

It's my 3 in 1 weekly wrap up post.  I have been extremely busy, thus lacking my blog - so to get caught up faster, I will combine my 3 weekly posts.  Also blogged, are 3 restaurant mini reviews - EagleCreek Golf Course, Hop & Vine, & Ouisi Bistro.

Tuesday started off with another beautiful sunrise.  I love when our skies actually look like this in the morning.

Come evening, I was sadly exhausted from work and could barely stay awake.  We ended up going to our local golf course for a quick bite.  Since we celebrated the weekend before, and planned a celebration for the upcoming one, for the actual day we just relaxed. 

He ordered the Braised Beef Shortribs served with potatoes and seasonal veggies.  You would think a restaurant would specify the type of potatoes they are going to serve.  Also I could think of some other pretty fab fall seasonal veggies other than the ones provided.  

As for my Prawns, Scallops & Shrimp in a dill sauce with whole wheat penne - it really wasn't great.  The noodles were really undercooked, and the seafood was overcooked.  They did provide a lot of tiny scallops and shrimp - too bad they were over done.  The sauce was also a little thick, as you can see there is none even on the bottom of the bowl.

At least they brought complimentary dessert for the birthday boy.  He recieved a cheescake slice.  This was actually really good.  I didn't care for the cracker, but the drizzle and whip cream tasted great with it.

Along came wednesday, and we were thinking wednesday wings!  Only 2 blocks away, we get some pretty good wing specials on wednesday.  We ordered some Hot, BBQ, & Sweet and Spicy.

Then later the week it was off to Jericho.  The sun was on it's way down by the time we were leaving Jericho, so I got a quick outfit shot.  I'm in love with my new pearls c/o Friis & Co.  I figured they'd look great with a vintage inspired dress, and added a leather Danier bomber and some purple over the knee knits for some color.

I ended up spending the night at Ouisi Bistro in South Granville.  We had never been before, and I had meaning to go to a jazz lounge for a while, especially one that serves some creole soul food from Louisiana.  This place even serves alligator.  Well everyone knows I don't eat anything with 4 legs, so I stayed clear of that.  The place was bumping and every table was full.  The place was also lined with some pretty cool jazz inspired canvas art, and I wanted to own them all.

We recieved come complimentary cornbread to start.  I actually think this is the best cornbread I have ever had in BC.  This was sooo good!  It was so light inside and sweet, and the outside was slightly toasted.

For an appetizer, we decided to try the Creole Poutine $9.  I was actually really impressed, but it was nothing like what I thought it would be.  I'm starting to realize that poutines have become a staple food, and every resto now has their own fusion take on it.

This version was like a spicy red pasta sauce - maybe a jambalaya sauce with some really gooey cheese on fries.  The good thing was there was no shortage of cheese or sauce, yet it wasn't runny.  Now I am pretty sure this isn't authentic soul food, but it sure tastes good.

He had the Big Easy for $17 - bite size beef tenderloin tips simmered in a smoky Creole sauce and served with Yukon gold-roasted garlic mashed potatoes.  There was a lot of sauce, but he loved it and was super full after.  I'm surprised he finished!

I ordered the Seafood Creole for $18 with gulf prawns, scallops, mussels and baby shrimp sauteed in homemade creole sauce.  It also came with my choice of 2 sides and I selected the Sweet Potato - Pecan Hash & the Beet Chutney.  The Creole was not what I expected, but really good.  I thought it would be a creamy sauce, but this was really good.  I couldn't even finish, and they gave a huge portion of seafood.

My sides were also great.  The beet chutney I didnt't feel was too authentic, because it really reminded me of my grandparents pickled beets that were homemade for danish dinners.  I'm sure my grandparents weren't makin new orleans food back then.  I still loved this dish, as it made me think of danish beets.  The Hash was also pretty great, and was totally like something perfect for fall.  It felt like an awesome addition that would be added to a thanksgiving or xmas dinner.

On a final note, It was a good week, and I'm wrapping up this post for some ball.  Houston and San Antonio are on, and Dallas and Denver.  Both are great games, and I think the best part is Coach Karl is back in the house!  Go Nuggets, go Spurs.. along with the Jazz - that's my westcoast teams.  Sorry Marcus and everyone else pro LA.. but they haven't been my team for years, and I'm not a sellout.  Also - anyone else want to ask Mark Cuban, why the hell he keeps playing the 'clap your hands' song in tonights game?

Dennis Brown - Promised Land