Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is what we swear

Friday nights are always fun, even when one of your homegirls is leaving the country.  I'm going to miss my homegirl Martina, but at least we had one good farewell in gastown before she went back to Czech.

We started off in Gastown on our way to Steamworks.  Stopped at the Gastown clock that always looks amazing.

Had a quick bite at Steamworks and tried a small order of their signature Salad.  Goats cheese, blueberries, cranberries, roasted almonds, mesclun greens & house dressing - $6.49.  I also tried a cap of their baked mushroom caps - stuffed with snow crab, fresh herbed cream cheese for $8.49 that another person had ordered.  This salad was really good for if you want something quick and light.  The mushroom cap was also amazing.  Super rich and heavy.  I think the girl that ordered them got around 12, and these would be a meal of their own.  The mushroom caps would also be a great sharing appy - like their nacho's.

After Steamworks we headed over to Honey Lounge.  Friday nights are now 50's nights where we could hear a lot of old school Motown.

Everyone had a great last night for Martina's farewell.

Then as I was heading home I met the dark, foggy sky hovering over the black ice below.

Morgan Heritage - How Come

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