Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down

My Brother is in town!!!

For those who don't know, my brother is going on his 5th year in the military.  He's going to Afghanistan sometime between April-July this year, and as sure as I'm sad to see him go, I'm so proud of him!  He is currently on one of his last vacation dates before he leaves, so we have had a few get togethers, with one of them being with some amazing family friends.  We have known the Norths since my brother was a baby and spent almost every weekend with them growing up.

I spent my nights doing puzzles, watching pool games, listening to Fleetwood Mac, Tracy Chapman and Alanis, playing Pirates and watching TGIF.  Ariele, my brother and myself spent the majority of our youth together on the weekends, and we have so many good memories.  It's good to be reunited.

Ariele and myself, aka the 2 blondies.  And we both love Debbie Harry :)

My mom and myself, in a non sears like pose.

My brothers latest artwork.. sorta like Oden the Viking, with all the Ravens.. except real vikings don't wear helmets with horns..

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

I need to feel your touch

Don't you love when you find the best deals for a new staple piece in your outift!

Welcome my new BCBG jacket/sweater studded zip-up that I scored for only $38!!

Jacket: BCBG
Sweater: RIPE
Leggings: Sarah Johnson
Over the Knee Wool Knits: Winners
Sequined Shoes: Nanette Lepore
Bag & Ring: Friis
Necklace: Winners

I ended up going to my local pub Hop & Vine for some Nachos and a few rounds of pool.  I had to catch up on my pool since I was going to a friends for pool the following day!

I also ended up visiting one of my few fave doggies Jack named after Alec in 30 Rock.  Love that show, love that dog.

Bryan Adams - Run To You

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Happy Holidays, Glaedlig Jul and Siku Kuu Ya Krismasi!  Part one of my Christmas posts start with a trip to Gibsons to celebrate the 24th with my family.  It was a blustery day, so it didn't make the best ferry photo ops, but I got to spend the day with loved ones and that's all that matters.  The 24th is actually when I celebrate Christmas compared to the 25th that's more typical in North America.  Back in Denmark on the 24th, the family would gather for a traditional dinner filled with Frickadella, Herring, Duck, Cheese, Liver Pate etc.. and after dinner, the doors would open and the Christmas Tree would be revealed to the family for the first time.  Underneath the tree would be the presents delivered by the Christmas Elves that you could hear on the roof.

I know it's completely different then Santa coming on the 25th, but that's how we roll in Denmark.

Stephs Outfit
Faux Leather Jacket: Ravi Kosla
Dress: London Times
Blazer: Zinc
Tights: Chinese Laundry
Boots: Tommy Hilfiger
Bracelet: Winners
Brooch & Ring: Friis & Co
I won't even attempt to mention my brothers outfit, as he is a Corporate and if I blog about his outfit, he will probably never talk to me again, or at least this visit.

Once we got to my grandma's we took a few quick pics by her new tree.  They just bought a second house, so her old tree and all her danish ornaments I miss :( are at the new spot.  At least she got a new tree for her old spot!  Doesn't it look like it's missing the top though?

Bryan, myself and my Cousin Scott by the tree

My grandparents have the most amazing vintage items from Europe, including their old school phone that actually still works.

My Aunt brought up her adorbale doggies Angus and Enzo.

My grandparents ordered Chinese for Dinner, as at 88 and 78, no one wanted them to slave away cooking a danish feast all day.

And of course we couldn't go without treats at the grandparents.  There were cookies galore!

I think the highlight of my trip was recieving the best tape ever!!!!  I grew up listening to this casette tape of childrens danish christmas songs.  My favorite song Tinge-linge-later always gets me so excited everytime I hear it.  When we were kids, Bryan, Scott, Myself and Grandma would put pots and pans on our heads, and dance around with cooking spoons singing this song.  Whenever I hear it, I feel like putting a strainer or my head, grabbing a salad tosser and dance around the table. 

Recieving the tape made me think of some of the other awesome items I have brought home recently from my grandparents as they downsize to a new smaller home, compared to their mansion on the beach.

This clock made in Germany I absolutely love.  You could fall asleep staring as the spinning balls.

I'm also in love with my King Christian X statue from Denmark.  Kimg Christian was the King of Denmark during WWII and stands out to me as he didn't make his people where the star of David, and refused to co-operate with the Nazi force.  He would ride his horse Jubilee everyday down the streets of Denmark without a guard.  The Nazi occupation didn't understand how he would go out by himself, where the King replied, the citizens of Denmark are my security, as we was loved by everyone.  The Nazi occupation would shoot bullets at the horses feet, which one day caused the King to fall off Jubilee, and he could not ride again.  He died shortly after, but is remembered as one of the most amazing Kings to ever reign Denmark.

I also inherited my favorite wooden danish vikings, and my grandpa's canister he used to keep his pipe tobacco in.

Bornesange - Tinge-linge-later

But ya tell me, Over and over and over again, my friend

For those that don't know, there is a major crow problem by my work.  There is 100's of crows that criculate within a 20 block radius at all times.  I don't know what attracts them to my work area, but our buidling is adjacent to the MGM Bridge studios, where they film many shows and movies and I can only imagine what problems these crows cause. 

Everytime I see them I think of the The Birds by the late great Hitchcock.

Aside from the creepy bird problem, my week also consisted of a lunch date with my good friend Julia at Elements Cafe, and dinner at Hop & Vine

Pesto Chicken Panini from Elements Cafe.

Sweet Mango Paradise Roll from Sushi California for lunch.  I heart sushi.

While some staff had their office decorated with ornaments and garland, mine was accessorized with my winter wardrobe accessories.  Friis & Co leather and pearls purse, Faux Fur hat, Thrifted Silver scarf, and Sephora gift bags for coworkers.

Inside the Sephora gift bags were one of my fave colors for this season, Passion.  Also, check out my fave Friis & Co ring, Blinky the fish.

Not a bad burger for only $2.99

My prawns and salmon was only $15, which I thought was a score.  Especially since they provided such a huge piece of salmon.  I really wasn't a fan of the garlic mashed potatos, the veggies I could give or take.

The Byrds - Eve of Destruction

We're all gonna rock, to the rules that I make

 I think one of the highlights of being an event coordinator, is being there to see the joy and happiness, and hear all the compliments about how amazing the event was!  I recently coordinated my staff work party, and it was held at the Coast Coal Harbor hotel.  This was an amazing night.  I don't even know where to start - but my company takes care of it's employees for sure.  Free $89 dinner buffet, free admission for spouse - free open bar for everyone, and prizes galore!!!  I don't think the night could have got any better - oh except that I was co-emcee with Christine, our PR rep - who also did an amazing job!

The day started off with a beautiful morning sunrise over Mount Baker.

Then, myself and the social committee headed over to Nick's Spaghetti house for a lunch meeting.  This was my first time checking out this place, but I heard they have the best Spaghetti and Meatballs in all of Vancouver.  It's also one of the spots' Robin Williams makes sure to frequent when he's in town.  Driving by, you could totally miss it, but it was packed, and I was glad to be there.

Christine recommended we share the salad for 4.  It's one of the simplest salads, but the dressing was amazing.

I shared the lunch special Spinach & Cheese Agnolotti with Penne Sauce.  This was cooked perfectly!  I can see why this place has amazing pasta.

After lunch I headed over to Coast Hotel in Coal Harbor to do set-up for the party.  The hotel took care of the majority of the Set-up, so I just had to organize prizes and games for the evening. 

We had an amazing dinner buffet.

Cold Display
Crisp baby Spinach Salad, creamy citrus dressing, mandarin orange segments, candied pecans, sundried cranberries
Organic baby greens, balsamic vinagrette, shaved candy cane beets
Penne with baby shrimp salad, basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, pitted olives
Yukon gold potato salad, hardbroiled eggs, gherkins, scallions, double smoked bacon

Seafood Display
Steamed Dungeness crab, fennel poached prawns, ponzu marinated BC honey mussels and clams, brandy cocktail sauce, fresh lemons

Tom turkey roast with chestnut sage stuffing, traditional jus
Slow roasted pork loin stuffed with sundried fruit and ginger, maple grainy dijon jus
Spinach ricotta manicotti, sundried tomato cream sauce, basil oil, shaved asiago
Wild BC salmon, steamed baby bok choy, hoison miso glaze
Brussels sprouts, polonaise with bacon lardon
Boulangieree potatoes, fresh thyme and Italian parsley
Steamed cumin basmati rice pilaf
Artisan bread rolls and butter

Cointreau chocolate mousse, mandarin oranges, Yule log decorative cake, Christmas cookies
Traditional warm pudding with vanilla rum sauce
Assorted European gateaux, cheescake and pies
Of course I couldn't trey everything, but here's a look at my plate.

Look who won the first door prize of the night, an authentic BC Lions football autographed by the entire team.

A quick picture from one of the games I organized, the live Christmas tree contest. 

Judging the Live Christmas tree winner was so hard to decide!

We also had some live reggae and rock

I ended up winning 4 Giants tickets to any game in one of the door prizes.

Alice Cooper - Elected

Saturday, December 11, 2010

They gonna say alot of things about us

Live from New York it's Saturday Night!!!  I've become more of an SNL fan over the years, and I wish I had jumped on the train a lot earlier as their were some great cast members I missed out on.  December has had a pretty great line up so far, with De Niro and now Paul Rudd and Paul McCartney tonight.  McCartney was amazing, and performed alot more songs than I thought he would.  It made me think about how I haven't been to a concert lately, and Vancouver really hasn't had any I really wanted to go to - except the Gorillaz a few weeks back that I missed out on.  Too bad cause my coworker got to chill with them after hours and was so excited to be hanging with a former Clash member.

Thought I'd share a few pics of my favorite concerts I've been too.  Some of the pics may not be the best, but at a concert taking pics is sometimes the last thing on my mind.

Cyndi Lauper opening up for Cher at the Farewell Tour

Damian Jr Gong at the Commodore ballroom for the Jamrock tour

George Thorogood and the Destroyers at the River Rock

Otis Clay at the 2007 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

Dr John at the 2007 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

Buddy Guy at the 2006 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

Koko Taylor & Her Blues Machine at the 2006 Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival

Morgan Heritage at the Commore Ballroom

Jeff and James with Morgan Heritage at the Commodore Ballroom

Maxi Priest at the Commodore Ballroom

Burning Spear at the Commodore Ballroom

Flava Flav at the Commodore Ballroom

De La Soul at the Commodore Ballroom

UB40 at Red Robinson Theatre

Beres Hammond and Culture at the Commodore

Beres Hammond

Concerts are always best enjoyed with friends :) 

Beres Hammond - They're Gonna Talk