Saturday, December 25, 2010

But ya tell me, Over and over and over again, my friend

For those that don't know, there is a major crow problem by my work.  There is 100's of crows that criculate within a 20 block radius at all times.  I don't know what attracts them to my work area, but our buidling is adjacent to the MGM Bridge studios, where they film many shows and movies and I can only imagine what problems these crows cause. 

Everytime I see them I think of the The Birds by the late great Hitchcock.

Aside from the creepy bird problem, my week also consisted of a lunch date with my good friend Julia at Elements Cafe, and dinner at Hop & Vine

Pesto Chicken Panini from Elements Cafe.

Sweet Mango Paradise Roll from Sushi California for lunch.  I heart sushi.

While some staff had their office decorated with ornaments and garland, mine was accessorized with my winter wardrobe accessories.  Friis & Co leather and pearls purse, Faux Fur hat, Thrifted Silver scarf, and Sephora gift bags for coworkers.

Inside the Sephora gift bags were one of my fave colors for this season, Passion.  Also, check out my fave Friis & Co ring, Blinky the fish.

Not a bad burger for only $2.99

My prawns and salmon was only $15, which I thought was a score.  Especially since they provided such a huge piece of salmon.  I really wasn't a fan of the garlic mashed potatos, the veggies I could give or take.

The Byrds - Eve of Destruction

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