Sunday, December 5, 2010

Many sights and sounds in the city

Saturday the sun was shining so I headed to Kitts for some shopping and BBQ, 2 of my faves.  We headed over to Migz as I haven't had their smoked duck in a while.  After Migz we headed downtown to finish the rest of our shopping, and I was able to score a bunch of classic Disney's, as HMV had a bunch in their 2 for $20 section.

Veal Ribs for $17.95 with mushrooms and a baked potato.  I tried the mushrooms and they were really fantastic.  The meat also came off the ribs very easilly.

I had the BBQ smoked cherry wood Duck for $18.95 with Yam Fries and Mixed Vegetables.  Loved my duck, and the sides were fab too.

Guru - Sights in the City ft Courtney Pine

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