Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You show me how deep love can be

December wrap up in one super long post!

Well december is not over yet.. but since I have been so horrible at blogging lately.. I have combined everything I felt like posting in one giant blog post.  Meet the reason I suck at blogging now.  My Ken <3

I haven't been ice skating since high school and I thought it was so sweet and super romantic when he suggested we go ice skating in Robson Square.  Even though I was a bit rusty at first, I was glad I didnt fall, and that he was there to hold my hand :)

Afterwards we headed over to Thai House for some comfort food which was Kens first thai experience.  I love introucing people to thai food!

I also booked a suite at Coast Coal Harbour on their top floor with the mountain/ocean view for the day of our staff party.  Even though the weather sucked, it was still a gorgeous view to fall asleep and wake up to.

We had an amazing Christmas party!!

Ken even nominated himself to be the live Christmas tree at our table!!

Its so much fun watching everyone have a great time at an event you have put so much effort into planning..

My beautiful friend Jessie and I at the party

After a night of wining and dancing.. Ken took me to my fave brunch spot, Monks.

I also got my 2nd Luxebox!

Ken & I put up my Christmas tree.. he did the lights that I cant seem to get right.

I checked out Abigails Party for the first time!

They have an amazing cocktail list!  My fave is their dark & stormy carribean cocktail.

I had their Artic Char and wild mushroom gnocci.  So deelish!

My mom had their Coq Au Vin which was also so tasty.

And of course we had to try their cheese plate!  My fave was the one that tasted like a bleu cheese brie.  I didnt care for the olives though :(

I also went to my aunts for Christmas in cloverdale.  It was the first Christmas I havent spent in Gibsons since I was a child.. I must say it was a bit hard not having my grandpa here, and having my brother in Afghanistan.. but I was so glad I got to spend it with the rest of my family.. and my Ken :)

And of course I had to buy wine with cute santa hats!  Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years to everyone!!

Sade - Cherish the Day

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bringing a feeling of passion and desire

Catch up time.  Sorry for the delay!

Im so horrible when it comes to posting lately.. it seems like I never have any free time lately. To start things off, I went to Domenicos up on Hastings & Holdom for Natalias bday party about a week ago.  No one from the bday party had ever been there before, and it was pretty empty for a prime time of 730.  For the most part, the food was great.  I loved my pasta - pictured above which was cheese tortelini with scallops, prawns, peas in a rose sauce baked with cheese.  It was a massive portion.  However, despite my good pasta, I couldnt help but notice the one horrible dish. 

Have you ever seen a pasta dish that has more olives than noodles?  Its like they emptied a jar of olives and forgot to add noodles.

On another note.. I finally signed up for Luxebox!  For $12 a month, you recieve a beauty box monthly with products customized for you.

I also went Black Friday shopping with Mayira!  We hit up Coach, Michael Kors, Ellie Tahari, Calvin Klein, Nike, and more in the Seattle Premium outlets.  We also hit up Walmart, Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls and Best Buy.  We shopped for 18 hours with a 2 hour power nap in between.  I was up for almost 40 hours straight.  Talk about a dedication to shopping!  At least I got so many amazing purchases!

I also went out to sushi garden with my mom to catch up and show her how to work her new android.  Yay my mom knows how to text!

I tried the spicy tuna combo for $8.95.  So good!

My mom had some rolls.

Off to make my first ever slow roasted duck and put up my Christmas tree now!

Glen Washington - That Smile

Monday, November 21, 2011

All that you need is in your soul

Gonzaga vs Hawaii!!

Hello basketball.  How I have missed you.  Seriously!  Depriving me of basketball is like telling most Vancouverites hockey season is over.  Basketball is my hockey, and not just any basketball, but NCAA.  So when I found out one of my fave top ten was coming to Vancity, I was on that!!!  I managed to score pretty much courtside seats, center court on the aisle.  The only people in front of us were the commentators.

You have no idea how hyped I was about this game, and the fact that I got to share the excitement with someone special made it even better!!

Below are some pics and a video clip from the game.

After the Bulldogs won, my handsome date took me to the Keg.  I havent been there in years.  It was a fun night, especially since I had the best of both worlds, basketball and my guy :)

Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Clouds are stalking islands in the sun

Weekly wrap up!

One of my longest friends Ariele is currently traveling Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, so last saturday we had her bon voyage party.  We hit up the Cactus Club near her house for some fun food and drinks before heading back to her place for the night.

Our table shared the tuna tataki as an appy, which I j'adore.  I also got the soft fish tacos for my main, since they were so good last time.

Come monday I met up with my momma for a dinner date at Rogue, and to watch the advance screening of Melancholia.  Talk about a creative but weird movie.  However Kirsten Dunst was amazing, even as she tanned naked under some weird planet.  Sadly I didnt have my camera on me, and my phones pics were way to dark.. but the fries trio was amazing at Rogue.  I especially loved the melted gorgonzola cream on fries :)

Wednesday I met up with Nat & Mui to pop our persian food cherries at Darchin.  We had a groupon for $99 worth of food, and we put it to use!  Sadly my camera was not co-operating.. so all these pics I though I had taken, my camera did not save :(

We recieved some complimentary bread and yogurt.

We also tried the most authentic drink we saw on the list that had persian syrup, white wine vinegar, cucumber, mint, lemon and soda.  It tasted way better than it sounded..

Our first of 2 appetizers was this amazing eggplant dish with yogurt and fried onions.  This was definately one of the highlights.  It was so amazing!

We also ordered the hummus.

And then we had 4 mains.

Mui & Nat had the persian spiced beef kebab with saffron rice.

We also ordered a saffron chicken kebab with saffron rice for me to try.

Mui & Nat tried the lamb shank with dill rice.

We also ordered a chicken stew with pomegranate & walnut paste that was absolutley amazing, and really sweet, but my camera didnt save the pic :(

For dessert we had baklava, which was a bit frozen still.

We also tried a traditional persian dessert with frozen vermicelli sorbet mixed with lemon juice.  I never would of thought this would be a popular persian dish, and it was much better than it sounded.

Afterwards we headed over to Siegel's Bagels for some take out.  Thats got to be the coolest bagel place I've been in.  I ended up buying the pistachio pumpkin spice, energy, and banana but bagels to go with some berry lite house made cream cheese.

Baby I love Your Way - UB40