Sunday, January 2, 2011

And a trip to the moon Took me away

Sushi, Sushi and Yaggers.

I've been craving sushi so much lately, so wednesday I checked out Kita sushi for the first time.  It's right by Gilmore and Henning, so it can easy become a local spot for me during lunch breaks.  I really wasn't craving anything, but I wanted something I don't usually order from my other go-to sushi spots.  I ordered the Gomae $3.50, Tuna Tataki Roll $5.95, and the Haru Roll $4.50.

The Gomae was my first dish, and I loved the peanut sauce on spinach.  Great presentation too.

Then I recieved the Tuna Tataki roll - Tuna, Avocado topped with Green Onion, spicy sauce & fun-shu sauce.  I was confused by this dish.  It was served in a to-go container, compared to the others on plates, so it must have been prepared allready.  Despite the fact that it may have been earlier prepared, this was super tasty.... although, I think it was herring on top on the roll.  I never asked, but a dane who loves herring, sure knows when they taste it!

The next roll I tried was the Haru roll, which was Rice wrap, Salmon, Carrot, Cucumber, Avocado, Leaf lettuce, Mango, Red Pepper and Tobiko.  I asked for a side of spicy sauce which happened to be a spicy peanut sauce.  Not a bad combo at all, and reminded me of the vietnamese salad rolls.  They were really giving with the protions in this roll for sure, and I think this was my fave dish I tried from Kita.  A must have that I will deff order again!

Thursday lunch came and one of my BFF's Derek wanted to take me out for some sushi at Miki.  Usually I only order delivery from them, since they are the only japanese spot that delivers to my house.  I decided we should try some items we have never tried and let him order them.

We ordered 6 Fresh Oysters $5.95 with Ponzu sauce, no idea what type of Oysters, but they were cold, fresh and small and gave me a buzz.

We ordered the Asari Sakamushi, fresh clams cooked in japanese sake for $5.95.  These were alright, not the best clams, but the broth was pretty flavorful.

We ordered 4 Tobiko with Quail Egg, $1.49 each.  I tried one of these, and it was my first time having one.  It was better than I thought, but not something I will eat everyday.

We ordered the Wild Salmon Sashimi $8.50.  I love salmon sashimi, and this was fresh and had the delicate - melt in your mouth appeal.

My favorite had to be the Ponzu Tuna Sashimi for $5.95.  The Ponzu matched well and the Tuna tasted fresh.

Later that night my brother and I hit up Yaggers downtown.  Since he hasn't lived in Vancouver for 4 years, I thought we should both hit up a pub that was downtown and had good drinks.  Thursday nights are Martini nights, $6.03 for 2 oz martinis so I started off with a Speedy Gonzalez - Sauza Blanco, Absolut, Bols Mango, Grapefruit and Apple Juice.  Loved this!  My brother was drinking the Granville Island Winter Beers.  For my 2nd Martini I had the Vote For Pedro - Sauza Gold, Bols Mango, Sour Raspberry and Apple Juice.  After a few drinks, we ordered some appetizers.  Bryan ordered the Lager Battered Onion Rings with cracked pepper and chipotle ketchup for $6.  I didn't try these, but they looked really good.  I ordered their Organic Free Range Chicken Wings for $9.50.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to try the Baha Spice, or Jagermeister Glazed, so the waitress suggested I split it and try both.  I loved both!  I was surprised that I could actually taste the jagger on the wings, and the Baha Spice ones had the perfect heat.  The presentation was nice for bar food too :)  I will come back here for fun food and serious drinks again for sure.

Lynard Skynard -  The Needle and the Spoon

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