Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't talk what you don't know about

Happy New Years!!

The last day of 2010 started off with an amazing sunrise!  I love a beautiful sky so I had to take a snapshot of it on my way to work.  Although I worked on the 31st, I only worked 4 hours as we closed at noon, and I had the previous monday and tuesday off so it was a short week.

When I got off work, my coworker Jeff and I headed over to North Van to Kingston 11 Cafe.  Jeff had been raving about this restaurant as long as I've known him, and has sworn it's the best place for authentic caribbean cuisine.

We got there and the main man Prince was running it all, just like how Rehanah's Roti is run.  We had to wait a bit as he was just setting up, but it was worth the wait.  Prince brought us out a cup of Jerk Turkey soup while we waited which was amazing.  He used his left over Christmas jerk turkey with an apple stuffing, and pureed it into an awesome soup!

He didn't have his full menu in effect, but I was able to order the Jerk Chicken/ Chicken Stew combo with Salad and Rice & Peas for $15.00.  Jeff also ordered a combo, but he had the Jerk Chicken & Jerk Pork combo.  We washed ot down with a few Ginger Beer soda's and ordered some take out.  This place was definitely worth the hype.  I will totally come back here again, and it really is one of the best spots for some caribbean food in the Vancouver area.

Jerk Chicken/ Chicken Stew Combo

Jerk Chicken/ Jerk Pork Combo

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