Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feels like... the surreal life

Yaggers = Fave new spot for Organic Free Run Chicken Wings

For $6.50 you get 1 lb of Organic Free Run Chicken Wings, which in my opinion is totally worth the extra $3 you would pay from a pub.

We ordered 1lb of Jerk, 1lb of Baha Spice, and 1lb (half Tandoori rub, and half Jagger glazed).  Hands down the winner was Baha Spice, but then we both love our hot wings.  The Jerk didn't really taste like most Jerk marinades, so I'm not sure which one they use.  It really wasn't even spicy and tasted more like a BBQ actually.

The Jagger glazed ones still tasted like Jagger (as mentioned in my last Yaggers post), and I was thinking the Tandoori ones would actually be in a Tandoori marinade, not dry rub.  I must say that Yaggers is my new fave spot for wings, both times I have tried them they have been super moist, big, and not overly deppfried like in some spot, and they offer unique flavors.  Next on my list to try is the Wasabi-Sesame!

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