Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is there more to life than love and being together

Friday Night in my favorite Gastropub!  $2 Oysters, Cheese, Organic Red Wine & $3 Beer :)

I love Relish for so many reasons.
A) It's right downtown
B) Everyday they have a different $3 Beer, and other drink specials
C) They have $1 Oysters 3-6, and $2 any other time
D) They have a cheese plate
E) They have a DJ that plays fun music and many more reasons...

This has always been a fun spot to go to, so I ended up at Relish for a late friday night dinner with a friend.  Of course I had to start with some Effingham Oysters.  They also gave me 4 housemade sauces to go along with the fresh Horseradish and lemon.  I opted for the cocktail and hot sauce.

I was also craving some wings. so I got their Chipotle rubbed wings with Bleu Cheese for $10.  These have always been good, and when sitting at a bar watching sports highlights drinking beer, sometimes wings just feel like they belong.

Since I was also drinking Organic Red Caberet Sauvignon, I felt the need for some cheese.  I ordered their 5 meats & cheeses for $18.  I ordered their Oka (Quebec), Goat's Cheese Brie (B.C.), Huntsman (England) and also their B.C. Sockeye Salmon Gravlax, & Chrorizo Iberico from Spain.  The dish also came with some fab prunes and toast.

Always a good time at Relish :)

Tegan and Sara - You Went Away

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