Monday, January 17, 2011

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Monday Thai <3

Happy Monday everyone.  Just a quick Thai food post from a new lunch spot.  My friend Jeff and I hit up Chez Meme Bistro for lunch last week (which I still need to post), and during our trip we grabbed a few menus from some surrounding restaurants on Hastings, including Tom Yum Thai.  Come monday, my girlfriend Julia and I were craving thai, and normally I would hit up Thai Cafe with coworkers, as it was the only thai spot I was aware of - but since finding out about Tom Yum we opted to check out something new.  We ordered 3 of the lunch specials to share, all of which were $8.59 each.  The dishes Julia and I ordered were the Chicken Green Curry, Chicken Pad Prig Khing (ginger, green beans, lime leaves and chlli paste), and Tofu Pad Thai.

For a comparison to Thai Cafe, I think the portions are about the same.  I've only tried the Papaya Chicken Salad and the Chicken Green Curry at Thai Cafe, and I think the Green Curry at Thai Cafe is a bit better.  However, I enjoyed the spring rolls better at Tom Yum, and I was also really fond of the Pad Prig Khing.  The Pad Thai was alright, nothing too special and the noodles really clumped together, and nothing was too special about the salad, but for $8.59 it's a pretty solid meal.  Out of the 3 I tried I would recommend the Pad Prig Khing.  I will come back, as they have 11 lunch specials including soups, and everyone knows I love myself Thai soup!

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