Saturday, January 15, 2011

This Rythym Really Fits Like A Snug Glove

My fave sushi spot!

Well I usually go to the same spots, but Sushi Cali is one of my fave's.  When my buddy Derek wanted to go out for dinner somewhere local and I found out he had never been here before, I knew this was where we were dining for the night!

I love dining with Derek as I get to try things I normally wouldn't order, and I think I would try pretty much anything as long as it didn't have 4 legs at 1 point in it's life.  We ended up ordering 2 Tobiko & Quail Egg $1.60 each, and 2 Tamago $1.00 each.  We also ordered the Ikamaru Yaki (Grilled Squid with Special Sauce) for $7.50 and the Spicy Tuna Spring Roll for $6.95. 

So how many people have ever got Hot Sauce and Tobiko in their eye?  Well that happened to me with the Spicy Tuna Spring Roll.  As you can see the rolls are quite big, and when I bit into one of the end pieces, the green onion tossed Tobiko and Hot Sauce right into my eye!!!  Talk about painful!  I had to run into the ladies room and wash out my eye, and actually remove Tobiko from my eye.  I don't think that has ever happened to anyone!   I'm glad that it was just Derek I dined with, and not with a bunch of people I hardly know or even a work dinner!

For the Ikamaru the special sauce was just hot sauce and mayo with green onions, which we found too heavy for the light squid.  We opted for some Ponzu instead which made it taste so much lighter, and the tentacles were so tasty!  I normally would not have ordered this, which is why I love dining with Derek as I get to try so many fab and fun dishes!

Meet Derek, one of my best guy buddies.  We always have so much fun whenever we are together!

A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It

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