Sunday, January 23, 2011

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My First Peruvian Food Experience!

My friend Jeff brought me to one of his fave spots after work on friday, El Inka Latin Deli.  He swears by this place, so I knew I would like it.  Normally I stalk the restaurant website before hand, but since El Inka doesn't have one, I had to check out what other local food bloggers had to say.  The majority of them loved the food, or at least certain dishes, so I knew I was going to like this.  Plus I had never tried authentic Peruvian food before so I was pretty excited.

It's located just off Boundary on Sunset in a total hole in the wall area that you would never drive through on purpose.  We started off with a pitcher of Chica Morada - a purple corn drink for $5.50 for a full pitcher.  It was sooo good!  It was sweet, and unlike anything I had ever tried.  I kept thinking how awesome it would be to make sangria out of it.

Jeff and I decided we would order several dishes to share, which ended up to be a whole lot of leftovers!

We started with the Empanadas Chilenas for $4 which was a Chicken Chilean Pie with eggs, onions and olives served with their authentic hot sauce.  I loved this hot sauce, it wasn't your traditional Vinegared "franks".

For The empanadas the chicken was similar to pulled chicken.  The pastry was alright, in some sections I found it to be really firm and chewy, but for the most part this was really tasty.

Next up was the Ceviche Pescado $12 which was Marinated white fish cooked in lemon juice, served with onions, corn and sweet potato.  This was deelish and I think my favorite of the night.  I didn't really care if the corn was previously frozen as the Ceviche was that good.  It had the perfect amount of lemon and spice, and the red onion and celery was a perfect addition to the fish.

We also tried the Jalea Mixta for $16.99 which was deep fried cassava roots, white fish, squid, octopus, and shrimp topped with onion and tomato.  This was the first time I had ever tried fried octopus before.  All of the items were lightly fried and the seafood didn't get dry at all.  It may look like a lot of onion and tomato, but underneath it all there was a mountain of seafood, and the onion, tomato and lime accompanied it perfectly.

We also ordered the Tamal for $4.50 which was cornmeal dough filled with chicken, egg and olives, wrapped and boiled in a banana leaf.  I prefered this over the Empanada as this was super moist, in fact so moist that it came apart super easilly.  It didn't have as much of a filling as the Empanada, but I don't think it needed it.  It also had a zest of lemon which went perfect.

Jeff ordered the Bandeja Paisa for $16.99 which was red beans cooked with sweet plantains and served with ground beef, rice, avocado, fried egg, deep fried sweet plantains, homemade chorizo, and chicharron (deep fried pork skin).  I tried one of the deep fried plantains and it was so good!  This totally looked like one of those hangover breakfast plates that you would eat at dinner when craving breakfast.

Capleton ft. Method Man - Wings of the Morning

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