Saturday, February 26, 2011

Four Books

1) The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales.  I love this book, one of my favorites from my childhood.

2) The Rose That Grew From Concrete.  Tupac was a very talented man, and he had some really beautiful and real poetry.  This book helped me get through Grade 10.. prob my hardest year in highschool.

3) LA Candy.  I didn't really read much the past few years, but when this came out I bought it right away, along with the the rest of the trilogy.  Who would of thought LC would get me into reading something other than Vogue and Surf.

4) Roots.  Alex Haley was so amazing with this book, and everyone should read it that hasn't.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Five Foods

1) Cheese.  Not just any cheese, but the stinkiest, hardest, smoothest, best cheese in town.. I love cheese.  Cheese is my chocolate.

2)Oysters.  Big Meaty Oysters.  Ponzu, Lemon, Hot Sauce.. Im good to go :)

3) Poutine.  My guilty pleasure.  Everyone has that one food.. mine is poutine.. calories galore, and I love it the same.

4) Potato Skins with Cottage Cheese.. I know so random, but I just love this.. and would request it on my bday every year growing up.. so it deserves to be here.

5) Prawn Salad Rolls with Peanut Sauce.. Just because I could eat these every day.. especially with hot sauce.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Six Places

1) California Beaches.  Whether it's Huntigton, Newport, or Venice.. they are amazing, and the reason I left my heart in SoCal.

2) Lindholm Viking Cemetary.  I've always wanted to go where my ancestors were laid to rest, and their ships.  The hills are actually formed on top of Viking Ships from wayyy back.

3) Machu Pichu.  If I really had to go anywhere in the world once, I think I would go here.  I think it would be amazing to be in such a beautiful spot, where the wonders of the world all come together.

4) Chaster Creek, Gibsons.  Another place where my youtful soul resides.  It may not be the sand and surf of California, but it will always be the back yard of my grandparents beach house.

5) Farsø Denmark.  Just because if I ever wanted to find my roots, starting at my grandpas tiny little village would be the perfect place.

6) Kenya.  One day I will ride a giraffe and a zebra, and you can do both in Kenya.  Plus I speak Swahili, and I really want to walk on the wild side with a lion.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seven Wants

1) For my brother to come back safely from Afghanistan, and not have to experience any more of his colleagues be killed in action.  My heart goes out to what he has been through, and the losses he has had, and I want nothing but the best for him and for him to come back home where he belongs.

2) For my Grandma to have the strength to live the rest of her life amazingly and to the fullest, even though my grandfather is no longer there.

3) A new bed.  Everyone deserves atleast one material want on this list, and after a break up.. I think every woman wants and deserves a new bed :)

4) Court Side seats to a Celtics/Lakers game beside Jack Nicholson in the staples center, where the Celtics win.

5) To preserve my family photos and journals that have been passed down generations to me.

6) To make 6 figures within 9 years.

7) To lose all those stubborn pounds before I go on the Carnival Spirit Cruise ship this summer!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eight Fears

1) Losing someone I love unexpectedly.  I recently lost my Grandpa, and although he was almost 89, I wasn't ready to lose him.  It was the first funeral I had ever been to, and the first death of any one I've been close to.

2) Sharks.  I love the ocean so much, but sharks really creep me out.  I don't know what I would do if I was ever out surfing and saw one.. I've seen too many shark movies.

3) Swimming in deep open water.  I guess it's somewhat related to the previous one, but whenever I'm out boating in a lake or the ocean, and decide to take a dip, I will only hop in the water quickly.  I'm so scared that everything from an alligator to a shark will come and grab me.  I have a fear on the deep unknown water, which is weird because when I scuba dive I'm fine.. it's just when I'm swimming in the middle of no where.

4) Drug Addicts / Street People.  I don't want to stereo type all street people, but I guess those really agressive ones on the street that will stare you down, curse at you, follow you, or creep you out that they are going to try and steal something for you.  I do not want to have to deal with that drama.

5) Never getting married.  I know thats cliche, but when I was younger I always swore I'd be married by the time I was 22, and have my first child by the time I'm 24.  Now I'm 26 and recently single, and as much as I really want to get married and have kids, I know that I am not going to settle down with just anyone.  I also believe in chivalry, and I would never propose to the man.

6) Running into someone that despises me.  Whether it's someone that would bully me in highschool, or just someone who hates me for some unkown reasons, it's never a good thing when you run into someone who doesn't like you.  Especially not knowing what to expect, and what they will say or do.

7) Passing up on an amazing opportunity. Sometimes I wish I could just pack up a bag and travel the world.  I'm hoping one day I will get to visit as many places as possible, and not let life pass me by without seeing and living the world around me.

8) Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Whether it's a terrorist, a robber, or just a loser trying to date rape you.. I never want to be that situation.  Some things you can't avoid, but I just hope I'm never in a situation that could potentially cost my life at the hands of someone else.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

You came in with the breeze, on sunday morning

Sunday Morning, Brunch at Monks, Stroll through False Creek and Lots of Shopping!

The weather has been super great this weekend, so I decided I'd treat my mom to brunch at Monk McQueens.  I had never gone, and I had heard so many great things about it.  Plus I had an entertainment coupon for it, and I got 1,000 open table dining points!

We had reservations for 11am, and once we were seated the waitress advised us that for all web reservations, you recieve a round of free mimosas.  I was going to order a mimosa anyways, and loved that we each got to have champagne at breakfast for free!

Since we were at an Oyster bar, I knew I had to try an Oyster that I hadn't tried.  Normally I don't have Oysters for breakfast, but I think it's something I could get used to.  The oyster selection changes daily, and I went with the Sinku $3 - served with Ponzu and lemon.  I must say that I really loved the Sinku.  It was very meaty, just the way I like it.

For brunch my mom went with the gluten free omelette $12 with all sorts of veggies, cheese and bacon.  It also came with potatoes and fruit.

For my main, I went with their daily frittata which was Rock Crab with Asiago cheese and veggies with toast, potatoes and fruit.  I loved my frittata!  There was a good amount of cheese and crab, and it was cooked perfectly.  I was surprised they provided so much toast!  This was a super filling and deelish brunch, and I can't wait to come back.

After a wonderful brunch, I was shocked when I got the receipt - in a good day.  After 2 Mimosas, 1 Coffee, 1 Tea, 1 Oyster, and 2 Brunch Entrees, my bill was only $18 + tip!  Another reason why I am totally coming back here again.

This is the amazing view we had while eating.  To the left is the 2 level patio thats open during the summer.

Jacket - BCBG
Shirt - In2U
Faux Leather Pants - Anonymous
Boots - Spring
Bag - Friis
Sunglasses - DVF
Necklace - Gifted

My mom and I also took the Aquabus around False Creek

The water was super green, and we even saw a seastar which is pretty rare this time of the year I think..

It was a beautiful afternoon spent in False Creek

No Doubt - Sunday Morning

Nine Loves

1) Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes.  I own so many, more than any of my friends.. and it's my weakness for sure.

2) Food.  I love dining out, and I love to cook.  I'm very adventurous and will try anything once, as long as it's not something I won't eat (animals, whale, dolphin, pets etc).. but besides that I'm not picky at all.  I love fine cheese, meaty oysters, and chilli peppers especially.

3) California & Gibsons.  Both places I could consider my other homes, especially Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Venice Beach and Woodcreek Park & Davis Bay.  I have so many fond memories growing up in all of the above, and would live in any of the above again in an instant.

4) Winners & Home Sense.  I usually visit them at least once a week and I have found some amazing deals there.  Just today I purchased Betsey Johnson heels for $25 that are $245 online, and Marc Fisher leather boots for $25 that are $150.  I also got a fun 1920's inspired hat for my cruise.  Yesterday I purchased Chinese Laundry shoes for $18, and a George Nelson sunburst clock for $18 that is $452 online.

5) The ocean.  I don't think I could ever live anywhere that wasn't close to the ocean.  I love everything about it, from the smell, the breeze, the color, the dolphins, the sand, the surf.. I can't imagine my life with out it.

6) Basketball.  I am obsessed with college basketball.  I am a major Duke fan, but also love UCLA, Xavier, Purdue and UConn.  I played basketball in highschool and we were the 4th best in BC at one point.  I am an amazing 3 point shooter, even when rusty.  I even wanted to be the Lakers coach growing up when they had Eddie Jones, Robert Horry, Rick Fox and Derek Fisher.  I even met Rick Fox and got his autograph after a Lakers game once :)

7) Working with celebrities/musicians.  I think anyone would, as long as they aren't too demanding.  It's always fun to say, I'm with the band.

8) Drawing.  I used to draw a lot more when I was younger, mostly just with pencil, and I'm really good at shading.

9) The sky.  I think the sky is amazing, weather it's a beautiful sunset, sunrise, rainbow, or even the formation the clouds make or when lightning strikes. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 Secrets

1) Well I guess this could be a secret to the blogger world, but I just ended things with Charles.. well early January.  We had spent over 7 years together, but we were going in seperate directions.  This is my first time being single since I was 16 pretty much.  I am LOVING being single.  I think being single brings back a whole new swagger that was itching to come out.

2) I pluck my eyebrows everyday, and if I ever lost my tweezers I would seriously freak out.  Once I was on a trip to the Yukon and forgot them, and we were in the middle of no where aka 2 hours from Whitehorse, and I had to spend a week without them.  When I got home the first thing I did was my eyebrows.  I can't imagine life without them.

3) Once I pushed my brother through a window.. well we were young and locked ourselves out of the house while being babysat.  The only window that was open was the bathroom window upstairs.  I think I was about 7 or 8 and Bryan was around 4 or 5.  I grabbed the huge latter and held it while Bryan climbed it to go through the window, except at the top he got scared as it was only one of the half windows (bottom remains closed while the top opens partially.  I decided to crawl up the latter and push my brother through it.  I realize how dangerous this was now, as no one was holding the latter, and my brother could of sliced his body open if the glass broke.  Oh well, we were young and just wanted back in the house.

4) I've always wanted to DJ.. so I've been gradually starting a vinyl collection..

5) I used to own over 200 pairs of baby shoes.. now I just own around 40.  I also own around 60-70 pairs of shoes.. and I just bought some Chinese Laundry silver stilettos today. 

6) I only surround myself with positive people.  I have cut out a lot of people in my life if I feel they will drag me down, and for that reason a lot of people think I'm a bitch.  Too bad, so sad, I feel I'm better then that.. and will do great things.

7) I want to be making 6 figures by the time I am 35.  That's 9 years away, and I think it's a realistic goal.  I can't stand people that have no ambition, and drive.  Especially in the work force.  It amazes me how many people are content at doing the same thing, and not advancing in life.

8) When I drink wine I tend to take pictures of myself, and then blog.  I'm not a drunk dialer/texter.. more of a drunk blogger.

9) I have never cheated in a relationship.. and never will

10) I used to freestyle rap when I was younger and was pretty good at it.  Although I sort of wish I didn't do it several times on camera, especially when my mom likes to play clips for friends and family.

five plus five equals to ten

One of my friends Lilitu is doing the 10 Day You Challenge on her blog, so I thought I'd try it out.  I am so horrible with blogging on a regular basis, at least lately.. so hopefully this will try to get me back to blogging daily.. at least for the next 10 days.  So far on this blog I have done 2 fashion challenges - 30 for 30 and 45 shoes 45 Days.  This one is a bit more personal, but I'm always down for a challenge.  Wish me luck!

On another note, Blake Griffin and Stephen Curry dominated the NBA dunk and Skills challenge today.. so I felt like having a yellowman post.

Yellowman - Zungguzungguguzungguzeng

Friday, February 11, 2011

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow I

New Mediterranean spot on Davie

Laziza just opened up last week, but allready it's packed and getting nothing but great reviews.  I was happy to be one of the first bloggers to check it out, and spoke with the Owner Hassan several times that night.  This has got to be one of my go-to spots downtown now, when in the west end.  My mom recommended this place after her party had checked it out on opening night and loved it.  She was on a mission to get me there and blog about it, so I did.

When we were seated, we were served complimentary house made chips and a spicy Ajvar/Salsa.  These were really good, and not overly oily or salty.

I loved how every cocktail/martini on the menu was only $6 - and they used premium ingrendients like Hypnotiq, Grand Marnier, and real fruit nectar and fruits.  They also have $2 beers, and Gluten free Bard's beers for $6.  Yes, for all those gluten-free / celiacs, you now have a spot that serves gluten free beer at a great price in Vancouver.  Also the majority of their menu is gluten free too!  For my cocktail I had the Tigress - Gin, Dry Vermouth, Pomegranate and Fig.  This was strong, but so good!

For appetizers we shared the Baba Ghanouj $4.95- Classic roasted eggplant puree with lemon, tahini, pomegranates, served with grilled pita (and gluten free chips).  This was great, and I loved the pom in it.  The consistency was perfect and very fresh.

We also ordered the Haloumi Cheese $6.95 - with tomato, organic mixed greens and vinaigrette.  This was an amazing salad to start, and I love how the cheese was gently fried, but not greasy or melty.

When it came to the mains my mom and I both went for the Chicken Tiger $14.95 - 4 tiger prawns wrapped in chicken breast, pan roasted with herbs and seasonings and topped with a saffron creme sauce, served with saffron rice and grilled vegetables.  This dish was so fab.  The chicken and prawns were cooked perfectly, the sauce wasn't over powering and the rice tasted amazing.  Even the vegetables were charred perfectly.

After taking a stroll after to dinner, I realized I forgot an outfit shot.. I can't wait for the summer when we will have amazing light, and no more early dark days.

Dennis Brown - Love & Hate