Monday, February 21, 2011

Eight Fears

1) Losing someone I love unexpectedly.  I recently lost my Grandpa, and although he was almost 89, I wasn't ready to lose him.  It was the first funeral I had ever been to, and the first death of any one I've been close to.

2) Sharks.  I love the ocean so much, but sharks really creep me out.  I don't know what I would do if I was ever out surfing and saw one.. I've seen too many shark movies.

3) Swimming in deep open water.  I guess it's somewhat related to the previous one, but whenever I'm out boating in a lake or the ocean, and decide to take a dip, I will only hop in the water quickly.  I'm so scared that everything from an alligator to a shark will come and grab me.  I have a fear on the deep unknown water, which is weird because when I scuba dive I'm fine.. it's just when I'm swimming in the middle of no where.

4) Drug Addicts / Street People.  I don't want to stereo type all street people, but I guess those really agressive ones on the street that will stare you down, curse at you, follow you, or creep you out that they are going to try and steal something for you.  I do not want to have to deal with that drama.

5) Never getting married.  I know thats cliche, but when I was younger I always swore I'd be married by the time I was 22, and have my first child by the time I'm 24.  Now I'm 26 and recently single, and as much as I really want to get married and have kids, I know that I am not going to settle down with just anyone.  I also believe in chivalry, and I would never propose to the man.

6) Running into someone that despises me.  Whether it's someone that would bully me in highschool, or just someone who hates me for some unkown reasons, it's never a good thing when you run into someone who doesn't like you.  Especially not knowing what to expect, and what they will say or do.

7) Passing up on an amazing opportunity. Sometimes I wish I could just pack up a bag and travel the world.  I'm hoping one day I will get to visit as many places as possible, and not let life pass me by without seeing and living the world around me.

8) Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Whether it's a terrorist, a robber, or just a loser trying to date rape you.. I never want to be that situation.  Some things you can't avoid, but I just hope I'm never in a situation that could potentially cost my life at the hands of someone else.

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