Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've grown out Of my ramblin' ways

Dine out Vancouver 2011 dinner #4!

I've actually had this post ready for days.. but since Tourism BC removed the dine out menu from their website early on saturday, and Kingston has not yet emailed me back my request for their menu that I sent on saturday..  this will have to be a guess at what we ate.

I seriously love DOV.  I'm surprised how many foodies don't jump all over it as much as I do, as I think it's a pretty fantastic deal.  My cousin Scott and I decided to hit up Kingston Taphouse friday night, and it was perfect as he is a super big hockey fan/player, and since the Canucks were playing, and we had a booth by the game, and arrived at the start of the game it was a score.  Normally I don't watch hockey, but I have to admit the Canucks vs Blackhawks game was pretty good.  We were up, we tied, we were down, we tied, we won!

I have to admit I was pretty excited when my cousin told me that he doesn't know anyone who know's college basketball the way I do, and that I can beat him with my knowledge anyday.  Big compliment coming from a serious sports guy!

Kingston Taphouse was offering a $28 3 course dine out vancouver deal, but they were not proactively offering it.  We had to request for the menu, and almost all food dishes we saw the waiters carrying were not DOV items.  Just shows that some restaurants really want to push their regular menu instead of the amazing deals where they probably lose money.

For my appetizer I went for the Sablefish cakes.  It also came with a light salad and tartar sauce.  These were pretty big fish cakes, a little too much batter, but really good still.

Scott had the Gorgonzola Cheese flatbrad.  This was good and you could totally taste the gorgonzola on it.

For my entree I had the seared Halibut with Clams and Mussels in a red Lobster broth, over a creamy risotto.  This was really good, and the portion was huge for an entree.

My cousin had the Lamb dish - and since I don't have the menu I can't remember how it was cooked or what it came with.. I believe it was some sort of rice dish, but I remember we were both extremely full after our appy's and mains and had no idea how we were going to finish our desserts.  Good thing we were these a few hours watching the game so it could digest.

For my dessert I had their Cheese Plate.  I love Cheese plates, and it's my favorite dessert to order.  If it's on the menu, I will probably order it.  I could only eat about 1/3rd of it though.. and even though Scott helped me, we still only ate half.  Luckilly a homeless person got my leftover cheese plate on the way out.

Scott had the coconut pie, I didn't try it, but he loved it.

The Black Keys - I Got Mine

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