Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nine Loves

1) Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes.  I own so many, more than any of my friends.. and it's my weakness for sure.

2) Food.  I love dining out, and I love to cook.  I'm very adventurous and will try anything once, as long as it's not something I won't eat (animals, whale, dolphin, pets etc).. but besides that I'm not picky at all.  I love fine cheese, meaty oysters, and chilli peppers especially.

3) California & Gibsons.  Both places I could consider my other homes, especially Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Venice Beach and Woodcreek Park & Davis Bay.  I have so many fond memories growing up in all of the above, and would live in any of the above again in an instant.

4) Winners & Home Sense.  I usually visit them at least once a week and I have found some amazing deals there.  Just today I purchased Betsey Johnson heels for $25 that are $245 online, and Marc Fisher leather boots for $25 that are $150.  I also got a fun 1920's inspired hat for my cruise.  Yesterday I purchased Chinese Laundry shoes for $18, and a George Nelson sunburst clock for $18 that is $452 online.

5) The ocean.  I don't think I could ever live anywhere that wasn't close to the ocean.  I love everything about it, from the smell, the breeze, the color, the dolphins, the sand, the surf.. I can't imagine my life with out it.

6) Basketball.  I am obsessed with college basketball.  I am a major Duke fan, but also love UCLA, Xavier, Purdue and UConn.  I played basketball in highschool and we were the 4th best in BC at one point.  I am an amazing 3 point shooter, even when rusty.  I even wanted to be the Lakers coach growing up when they had Eddie Jones, Robert Horry, Rick Fox and Derek Fisher.  I even met Rick Fox and got his autograph after a Lakers game once :)

7) Working with celebrities/musicians.  I think anyone would, as long as they aren't too demanding.  It's always fun to say, I'm with the band.

8) Drawing.  I used to draw a lot more when I was younger, mostly just with pencil, and I'm really good at shading.

9) The sky.  I think the sky is amazing, weather it's a beautiful sunset, sunrise, rainbow, or even the formation the clouds make or when lightning strikes. 

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