Thursday, February 24, 2011

Six Places

1) California Beaches.  Whether it's Huntigton, Newport, or Venice.. they are amazing, and the reason I left my heart in SoCal.

2) Lindholm Viking Cemetary.  I've always wanted to go where my ancestors were laid to rest, and their ships.  The hills are actually formed on top of Viking Ships from wayyy back.

3) Machu Pichu.  If I really had to go anywhere in the world once, I think I would go here.  I think it would be amazing to be in such a beautiful spot, where the wonders of the world all come together.

4) Chaster Creek, Gibsons.  Another place where my youtful soul resides.  It may not be the sand and surf of California, but it will always be the back yard of my grandparents beach house.

5) Farsø Denmark.  Just because if I ever wanted to find my roots, starting at my grandpas tiny little village would be the perfect place.

6) Kenya.  One day I will ride a giraffe and a zebra, and you can do both in Kenya.  Plus I speak Swahili, and I really want to walk on the wild side with a lion.


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