Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh I'm just a girl, what's my destiny

Sunday Morning = Sleep and Coffee

Actually sunday morning was an early morning wake up on hardly any sleep to meet my mom for our brunch date at Monk McQueens.  I was majorly tired, and downed my coffee like no tomorrow.  I also enjoyed our lovely free Mimosa, which I found stronger than the last visit.

Since I was craving something rich and filling I went with the BC Eggs Benedict for $13 which was smoked salmon, capers, red onion, dill cream cheese, sesame bagel, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, served with hash browns and fresh fruit.  Loved this and I was surprised I managed to finish this as it was a heavy breakfast.  It literally put me in a food coma, and I went home and slept for hours.

My mom went with the Vegetarian Omelet for $11 which had goats cheese, spinach, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, chive crème fraiche, served with hash browns, and fresh fruit.  They gave her more fruit as she skipped the toast.

No Doubt - Just A Girl

Ooo Babe, set me free

Saturday = 13k stroll, Thai Lunch and Oscar's Gong Show

I started off my saturday by meeting up with my mom to do our weekly seawall stroll as it was nice outside.  We walked by her old highrise and took pics with the lovely red buddhas.  We ended up doing a total of 13k which indicated I would not be wearing heels saturday night.

After working up an appetitie we headed over to Thai House on Robson for lunch.  Since Pink Lip Martinis were on special for $5.50, we ordered a round of those.

I ordered the Horw Mok Maprao $14.50 which is boneless chicken in a red curry sauce served in a coconut shell.  I had never ordered this one, but had always wanted to, so I'm glad I finally got to eat out of a coconut shell!  Plus a bunch of my friends are going to Jamaica soon and it makes me jealous knowing they will be eating fresh coconut daily!

My mom ordered the Goong Sapparod $14.95 which is stir fried tiger prawns with red curry paste, fresh pineapple & coconut milk served in a pineapple shell.  This one is always one of our regular dishes that we order.

We also ordered 2 orders of the Jasmine rice blended with spinach $2.25 each.

After a fun day, I headed out to my gf Jessie's bday party.  After starting the party at her house, we ended up walking up to Oscars for the party where we took some fun pics.

Jess and Ashton ordered a round of Nachos for our table too.

Bday girl and me at Oscars

Plink Floyd - Young Lust

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Somebody's tryin' to make me stay, You know I've got to keep moving on

Friday Night = Dinner with the girls :)

Friday night I was meeting up with some of my gfs I used to work at Robeez with - and since we all live somewhat in the SFU / Tri-cities area we figured we would meet up at a mutual spot.  Denise suggested Cactus Club, and even though it's a really popular spot in Vancouver and has been around forever - it was only my 3rd time visiting.

Cactus Club does not take reservations, but thankfully we got a table by the bar/lounge right away which was perfect as it was showing the NCAA Kentucky game which they won :)

I was really thinking of getting the duck sandwhich, but I was worried it would be really messy - so I went with the Halibut Soft Tacos - seared cajun halibut, chipotle aioli, shredded green cabbage & salsa fresca for $13.  I also added on a side on crispy yam fries with garlic aioli for $4.

This dish was pretty good.  Not the best fish tacos I have had, but still pretty good, and it had a good amount of Halibut in it.  The Yam fries were also really good.

Denise went with the pesto chicken quesadilla – roasted chicken, blended cheeses, sundried cranberries for $10.25 with a side of yam fries for $4.  Yam fries were the hit of the night.

Tianna went with the gardenburger – grilled veggie patty, sautéed mushrooms, melted aged cheddar for $13.75 and subbed for yam fries for $1.50.  She also got a side of JD BBQ sauce for $1.10.

Aileen ordered the twice braised pineapple ginger short rib – boneless short rib basted in a pineapple ginger glaze with shiitake mushrooms, spicy soy bean sauce, mashed potatoes, and sugar snap peas for $23.  She loved this, and the mushrooms looked really good!

Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner 

All the brothers in America, and all the sisters in Canada

Sushi in South Burnaby with a girlfriend on a thursday night :)

Last thursday, after stocking up on my latest Sephora and Smashbox items I hit up Kiku sushi for the first time to meet up with my gf Hannah.  Seen as though I never really dine in South Burnaby I had no idea about this place, and she had only been to Kiku once prior.  I figured since I was at a new sushi spot I might as well try some dishes I don't usually get from my regular spots.  After we both finally figured out what we wanted, we ended up changing our minds once the waitress recommended some of their famous house dishes.

We started off with a small order of Tuna Tataki for $9.99.  I loved this.  I think they used ponzu, and some sort of light oil, and the tuna slices were very delicate and smooth.

Hannah ordered the Caterpillar Roll for $6.95 which was also really good, and I loved the spicy sauce on the avocado.

I ended up ordering their Winter Spicy Tofu for $9.95 which also had chicken, carrots & cabbage.  I loved this dish.  Actually i hardly touched it as I was really full from lunch, but this dish made for great leftovers for lunch on friday.

I also ordered the Winter Dynamite Roll for $5.75.  This was a dynamite roll with chopped scallop on top baked with cheese.  Hannah also ordered the Winter California Roll which looked exactly like this one - just diffent fillings.  I've always wanted to try rolls that are baked with cheese.  It was a very thick but light cheese, seemed to be like a flour based fondue type cheese they used on top.  Surprisingly it blended well with the scallop.

3 hours later of good eats and girl talk, we each left with leftovers.  Can't wait to go back, and next time have oysters!

Half Pint - Freedom Fighters

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Together we can make some memories

Saturday night = Glowbal Grill & The Green in Concert!

Saturday night came along and one of my good friends and I were going to check out The Green @ The Sharks club, one of the best selling reggae artists on itunes right now.  Since we were hitting up a concert, I thought it would be perfect to check out Glowbal Grill since he had never been.

We started off with a few satays - I had the Ahi Tuna with panko crust and tobiko aioli for $3.50, and the Sea Scallop with speck & guava glaze for $4.95.  I had tried the Tuna one previously and really enjoyed it and wanted to try it again.  I was amazed with how big the scallop was.  It was cooked perfect, and was very light and delicate and the guava balanced it out great.

My date ordered the Kobe Meatball with tomato fondue for $2.90 & the Coconut Chicken with spicy tropical glaze for $2.90.

For our mains my date went with the 10oz Canadian Prime Striploin steak well done $32.50, with Whipped Buttermilk Potatoes $5.50.  He said it was one of the best steaks he had ever had and it totally beat out his usual Keg.  Good thing we went to Glowbal.  I still think it's the best steakhouse and I don't even eat steak.

I ordered the feature dish - Halibut with spinach risotto and parsnip puree with green beans and carrots.  This dish was amazing.  It seems everytime I come here for dinner I end up ordering the feature.  Next time I am determined to order the Jumbo Tiger Prawns as a few people at the table next to me ordered them and they were so massive and looked amazing.  Their feature halibut dish was great.  The risotto was done perfect, and the halibut was very light and flakey.

After dinner we hit up The Sharks Club to see The Green - a reggae band from Hawaii.  Normally they play at bigger venues, so it was nice to have more of an intimate concert.  I totally forgot to take pics, so here is one I took quickly.  They were great, and if you haven't heard of them - check out some of their tunes to add your playlists.

The Green - Alive

With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had

50% off everything?  YES!

.. Well maybe not the drinks, but for the entire food menu on tuesday nights at Sanafir, everything is half off.  Derek, Amanda and I had our regular threesome dinner meetup - this time at Sanafir as both had never been before.  Sanafir is one of my favorite spots for so many reasons, great food, beautiful decor, and classic movies like Casablanca playing in the background.

Amanda and I started off with some wine, as we tried to decide what to order.

I ordered the Tandoori Prawn Skewer - grilled tandoori spiced prawns, chickpea, arugula salad for $3.75.  Loved this dish.  The prawns were cooked perfectly, and the salad was a perfect balance.

Derek& Amanda and myself each ordered the Duck Prosciutto with pickled beets, goat cheese & fried leeks for $3.25.  You can't really make out the duck or beets, but the duck was amazingly moist and not fatty at all.  The beets were also cooked fantastic and reminded me of my grandparents pickled beets.  The greens were lightly salted which complimented the goat cheese.

I ordered the Black Pepper Calamari - wok fried, cracked black pepper with lime aioli for $3.75.  I've always loved the way Sanafir makes calamari, and this one was perfect as always.  This time the squid pieces were bigger then they were the tapas trio past.  The squid and batter were very light and not oily at all.

Derek & Amanda and I each ordered the Smoked Squid Escabeche with ponzu, & ginger garlic mushrooms for $3.50.  Loved this dish.  The squid looked like applewood smoked cheddar, but was incredibly light and tasty.  The Ponzu balanced the squid perfectly.

Derek & Amanda and I each ordered the Prawn Ceviche with madras curry & root vegetable salsa for $3.50.  This one wasn't really one of our favorites.. although I did like the curry with the mango.

I ordered the Scallop Ceviche with Jalapeno & Gazpacho for $3.50.  The scallop ceviche had great flavor and texture, although I wish the Gazpacho wasn't as liquidy.

Derek & Amanda ordered the Mezze Platter for $23.50 which had mediterranean ribs, lamb kofta, mixed bean salad, ling cod pakoras, grilled tandoori tiger prawns, spinach falafel, chicken and chorizo salad, fried cauliflower & brussel sprouts.  I tried the cauliflower and sprouts, the ling cod pakora and the spinach falafel.  I really enjoyed the cauliflower and sprouts, while I felt that the falafel was a bit dry.  The pakora was good, but there was a lot of batter so it was hard to taste the actual cod.  Derek & Amanda agreed and also really enjoyed all of the other dishes.

Sanafir was an amazing night, and I can't wait to go back again.  Especially on a tuesday where I can try more dishes at 50% off.

Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Too experienced for someone to rock and roll

California Sushi Saturday!

My moms friend Marianne wanted to take us out for lunch for coordinating her last Altzheimer Benefit concert, so my mom suggested California Sushi.

Last time I went here was with Derek during my horrible tobiko incident - so I stayed clear of Tobiko this time.  I started off with Oshitashi $3.50 (Spinach Salad with Ponzu Sauce).  I was thinking of going for Gomae, but decided I should try something I've never had.  It was fresh, and the green onions balanced it out.  I've actually been making a point to eat spinach everyday for the past week, and it's something I don't think I could ever get tired of, as there are so many fun ways to use it.

My moms friend Marianne ordered the Gomae for $3.25 (Spinach Salad with Sesame Paste).

My mom ordered the Edamame for $2.95, which was also cooked perfect - although I think they used regular table salt and not the rock sea salt crystals.

I ordered the Ebi Sunomono $3.25.  I hadn't had this dish in a while, and something about all the ingredients together I just love.

I also ordered my go-to dish - the Double Spicy Tuna Roll for $3.95.  I don't think I could ever get tired of this roll.

Marianne ordered the Prawn & Yam tempura for $7.50.  She said it was really lightly firned and not oily.  I also learned that 7-up is used in making tempura batter.

Marianne also ordered the Spicy Agedashi Tofu dish for $3.50.  This looked really good, and I want to try this next time.  The spicy sauce was at the bottom of the bowl, that the tofu could be dipped into.

My mom went with her typical rolls - Avocade Roll $2.95 & Snoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll without the crabmeat for $3.95.  Wonderful lunch to celebrate the hard work put into the charity event.

Ps - Barrington Levy is coming to town this monday!  Sadly I doubt I will be there, but I will be at a reggae concert next saturday!

Barrington Levy - Too Experienced

Monday, March 7, 2011

Say S A double D I Q

Snow Day!

What better way to celebrate a snow day than to play outside in the snow with your girlfriends.  Ok we didn't play in the snow, more like took a quick photo shoot on our way to the club.  Seriously cant believe we drove to the club in the snow.

Raphael Saadiq ft Q- Tip - Get Involved

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Through the crowds and through the cheers

Hope everyone had an amazing saturday like me!

My day started off meeting up with my mom for a stroll around the seawall.  I'm actually going to aim to do the sewall every weekend, if not at least every 2 weeks.  I guess I'll call it my Seawall Challenge.  I love walking the seawall, and I'm excited to start doing it on a regular basis.  Along with a great toning walk, you get to scope some beauty.

Saturday I saw seagulls fiesting on a dead fish - which reminds me I need to upload pics of the seagull that got a starfish stuck in it's mouth.

Jacket: Della Spiga
Jeans: Almost Famous
Top: Threads
Scarf: Gifted
Purse: Friis
Boots: Tommy Hilfiger
Glasses: DVF
Gloves: Perrin

I call Siwash Rock the pineapple tree.  It's one of my favorite Stanley Park landmarks.  It was even cooler today as it had a bunch of geese catching some rays on it.

We ended up at English Bay where I posed with some of the random statues.  There was also a dragon boat race going on.

After a fun afternoon in Vancouver, I headed home to get ready for my gfs birthday party.  Had to take a quick self photo.

We started off at Relish where I had the Tomato Soup $5 which was spiced with fennel and anise, served with a croux biscuit.  As always this soup was great, and perfect for a light dinner before dancing.

Diana the birthday girl and myself at Relish.

After Relish we headed over to Joseph Richards for the night.  Thanks to Teresa and Nasser for the last minute guestlist hookup.

I also got to hear the sexy sax man.  He always reminds me of the sax man from The Lost Boys, except he doesn't have the long hair, or the greasy shirtless abs.

Tim Capello - I Still Believe