Saturday, March 26, 2011

All the brothers in America, and all the sisters in Canada

Sushi in South Burnaby with a girlfriend on a thursday night :)

Last thursday, after stocking up on my latest Sephora and Smashbox items I hit up Kiku sushi for the first time to meet up with my gf Hannah.  Seen as though I never really dine in South Burnaby I had no idea about this place, and she had only been to Kiku once prior.  I figured since I was at a new sushi spot I might as well try some dishes I don't usually get from my regular spots.  After we both finally figured out what we wanted, we ended up changing our minds once the waitress recommended some of their famous house dishes.

We started off with a small order of Tuna Tataki for $9.99.  I loved this.  I think they used ponzu, and some sort of light oil, and the tuna slices were very delicate and smooth.

Hannah ordered the Caterpillar Roll for $6.95 which was also really good, and I loved the spicy sauce on the avocado.

I ended up ordering their Winter Spicy Tofu for $9.95 which also had chicken, carrots & cabbage.  I loved this dish.  Actually i hardly touched it as I was really full from lunch, but this dish made for great leftovers for lunch on friday.

I also ordered the Winter Dynamite Roll for $5.75.  This was a dynamite roll with chopped scallop on top baked with cheese.  Hannah also ordered the Winter California Roll which looked exactly like this one - just diffent fillings.  I've always wanted to try rolls that are baked with cheese.  It was a very thick but light cheese, seemed to be like a flour based fondue type cheese they used on top.  Surprisingly it blended well with the scallop.

3 hours later of good eats and girl talk, we each left with leftovers.  Can't wait to go back, and next time have oysters!

Half Pint - Freedom Fighters

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  1. Nice photos! I'm glad you liked the restaurant. Tuna tataki, yum! Next time you can choose the restaurant:)