Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ooo Babe, set me free

Saturday = 13k stroll, Thai Lunch and Oscar's Gong Show

I started off my saturday by meeting up with my mom to do our weekly seawall stroll as it was nice outside.  We walked by her old highrise and took pics with the lovely red buddhas.  We ended up doing a total of 13k which indicated I would not be wearing heels saturday night.

After working up an appetitie we headed over to Thai House on Robson for lunch.  Since Pink Lip Martinis were on special for $5.50, we ordered a round of those.

I ordered the Horw Mok Maprao $14.50 which is boneless chicken in a red curry sauce served in a coconut shell.  I had never ordered this one, but had always wanted to, so I'm glad I finally got to eat out of a coconut shell!  Plus a bunch of my friends are going to Jamaica soon and it makes me jealous knowing they will be eating fresh coconut daily!

My mom ordered the Goong Sapparod $14.95 which is stir fried tiger prawns with red curry paste, fresh pineapple & coconut milk served in a pineapple shell.  This one is always one of our regular dishes that we order.

We also ordered 2 orders of the Jasmine rice blended with spinach $2.25 each.

After a fun day, I headed out to my gf Jessie's bday party.  After starting the party at her house, we ended up walking up to Oscars for the party where we took some fun pics.

Jess and Ashton ordered a round of Nachos for our table too.

Bday girl and me at Oscars

Plink Floyd - Young Lust

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