Sunday, March 6, 2011

Through the crowds and through the cheers

Hope everyone had an amazing saturday like me!

My day started off meeting up with my mom for a stroll around the seawall.  I'm actually going to aim to do the sewall every weekend, if not at least every 2 weeks.  I guess I'll call it my Seawall Challenge.  I love walking the seawall, and I'm excited to start doing it on a regular basis.  Along with a great toning walk, you get to scope some beauty.

Saturday I saw seagulls fiesting on a dead fish - which reminds me I need to upload pics of the seagull that got a starfish stuck in it's mouth.

Jacket: Della Spiga
Jeans: Almost Famous
Top: Threads
Scarf: Gifted
Purse: Friis
Boots: Tommy Hilfiger
Glasses: DVF
Gloves: Perrin

I call Siwash Rock the pineapple tree.  It's one of my favorite Stanley Park landmarks.  It was even cooler today as it had a bunch of geese catching some rays on it.

We ended up at English Bay where I posed with some of the random statues.  There was also a dragon boat race going on.

After a fun afternoon in Vancouver, I headed home to get ready for my gfs birthday party.  Had to take a quick self photo.

We started off at Relish where I had the Tomato Soup $5 which was spiced with fennel and anise, served with a croux biscuit.  As always this soup was great, and perfect for a light dinner before dancing.

Diana the birthday girl and myself at Relish.

After Relish we headed over to Joseph Richards for the night.  Thanks to Teresa and Nasser for the last minute guestlist hookup.

I also got to hear the sexy sax man.  He always reminds me of the sax man from The Lost Boys, except he doesn't have the long hair, or the greasy shirtless abs.

Tim Capello - I Still Believe 

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  1. I see you take your seewall walk along my biking route. The magic of that place is impregnable... no matter how many times and for how long you have been taking that route, everytime you go back to it still feels like the first time, guaranteed to be struck by awe when you grasp the beauty of the place.