Sunday, March 20, 2011

Together we can make some memories

Saturday night = Glowbal Grill & The Green in Concert!

Saturday night came along and one of my good friends and I were going to check out The Green @ The Sharks club, one of the best selling reggae artists on itunes right now.  Since we were hitting up a concert, I thought it would be perfect to check out Glowbal Grill since he had never been.

We started off with a few satays - I had the Ahi Tuna with panko crust and tobiko aioli for $3.50, and the Sea Scallop with speck & guava glaze for $4.95.  I had tried the Tuna one previously and really enjoyed it and wanted to try it again.  I was amazed with how big the scallop was.  It was cooked perfect, and was very light and delicate and the guava balanced it out great.

My date ordered the Kobe Meatball with tomato fondue for $2.90 & the Coconut Chicken with spicy tropical glaze for $2.90.

For our mains my date went with the 10oz Canadian Prime Striploin steak well done $32.50, with Whipped Buttermilk Potatoes $5.50.  He said it was one of the best steaks he had ever had and it totally beat out his usual Keg.  Good thing we went to Glowbal.  I still think it's the best steakhouse and I don't even eat steak.

I ordered the feature dish - Halibut with spinach risotto and parsnip puree with green beans and carrots.  This dish was amazing.  It seems everytime I come here for dinner I end up ordering the feature.  Next time I am determined to order the Jumbo Tiger Prawns as a few people at the table next to me ordered them and they were so massive and looked amazing.  Their feature halibut dish was great.  The risotto was done perfect, and the halibut was very light and flakey.

After dinner we hit up The Sharks Club to see The Green - a reggae band from Hawaii.  Normally they play at bigger venues, so it was nice to have more of an intimate concert.  I totally forgot to take pics, so here is one I took quickly.  They were great, and if you haven't heard of them - check out some of their tunes to add your playlists.

The Green - Alive

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