Sunday, March 20, 2011

With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had

50% off everything?  YES!

.. Well maybe not the drinks, but for the entire food menu on tuesday nights at Sanafir, everything is half off.  Derek, Amanda and I had our regular threesome dinner meetup - this time at Sanafir as both had never been before.  Sanafir is one of my favorite spots for so many reasons, great food, beautiful decor, and classic movies like Casablanca playing in the background.

Amanda and I started off with some wine, as we tried to decide what to order.

I ordered the Tandoori Prawn Skewer - grilled tandoori spiced prawns, chickpea, arugula salad for $3.75.  Loved this dish.  The prawns were cooked perfectly, and the salad was a perfect balance.

Derek& Amanda and myself each ordered the Duck Prosciutto with pickled beets, goat cheese & fried leeks for $3.25.  You can't really make out the duck or beets, but the duck was amazingly moist and not fatty at all.  The beets were also cooked fantastic and reminded me of my grandparents pickled beets.  The greens were lightly salted which complimented the goat cheese.

I ordered the Black Pepper Calamari - wok fried, cracked black pepper with lime aioli for $3.75.  I've always loved the way Sanafir makes calamari, and this one was perfect as always.  This time the squid pieces were bigger then they were the tapas trio past.  The squid and batter were very light and not oily at all.

Derek & Amanda and I each ordered the Smoked Squid Escabeche with ponzu, & ginger garlic mushrooms for $3.50.  Loved this dish.  The squid looked like applewood smoked cheddar, but was incredibly light and tasty.  The Ponzu balanced the squid perfectly.

Derek & Amanda and I each ordered the Prawn Ceviche with madras curry & root vegetable salsa for $3.50.  This one wasn't really one of our favorites.. although I did like the curry with the mango.

I ordered the Scallop Ceviche with Jalapeno & Gazpacho for $3.50.  The scallop ceviche had great flavor and texture, although I wish the Gazpacho wasn't as liquidy.

Derek & Amanda ordered the Mezze Platter for $23.50 which had mediterranean ribs, lamb kofta, mixed bean salad, ling cod pakoras, grilled tandoori tiger prawns, spinach falafel, chicken and chorizo salad, fried cauliflower & brussel sprouts.  I tried the cauliflower and sprouts, the ling cod pakora and the spinach falafel.  I really enjoyed the cauliflower and sprouts, while I felt that the falafel was a bit dry.  The pakora was good, but there was a lot of batter so it was hard to taste the actual cod.  Derek & Amanda agreed and also really enjoyed all of the other dishes.

Sanafir was an amazing night, and I can't wait to go back again.  Especially on a tuesday where I can try more dishes at 50% off.

Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand

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