Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Wednesday Night at Milestones

Normally Milestones is always packed on wednesday nights with their date night menu, but on this wednesday my mom and I were actually taking advantage of their buy one get one free night.  We arrived pretty early, and the place packed!  The waitress went around and gave everyone mini belinis while waiting.  I love belinis.  Belinis are the perfect summer drink.  My mom ordered a Blakberrytini $8.49 cranberry juice, orange juice and blackberry puree & gin.  She loved this drink and said it was quite refreshing too.

When it came to our mains I went with the Seafood Pan Roast from their seasonal menu for $22.99.  This had seared scallops, rainbow trout, grilled tiger shrimp and steamed mussels in a cajun tomato sauce served over fresh bok choy and jasmine rice.  This dish was really good and I loved the fresh bok choy, and something I wouldn't expect from Milestones.  My only complaint was that they served a mussel that wasn't open, and the kitchen should know better than that.

My mom ordered their Top Sirloin dish for $20.99 simply grilled with garlic butter brush, coarse salt and black pepper with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies.  She loved the food, although she asked for her steak medium, and it was almost rare.  I cant wait to go back to Milestones on a wednesday and check out their date night menu.  You share an appetizer, each have a main, and share a dessert for $25 each.

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