Saturday, April 30, 2011

Captivate me all the while

Thursday Date Night at Ouisi Bistro!

Last thursday I had a pretty wonderful dinner :)  Probably because my date was so fine and I couldnt stop staring at how handsome and muscular he was, but the food was really good too.  I had only been to Ouisi once before, and since I had an earlier appointment at a Salon a few blocks away, I figured this would be a great spot for a dinner date.  The Canucks game was on, (which they won), and after the game some live jazz like blues was played.

My date had never had New Orleans food before, so I was glad to introduce something new.  He ended up ordering the Granville Dinner for $18 - 2 pepper crusted chicken breasts served under fresh spinach, roasted garlic & melted brie with red beans and green rice.

I went with the Chicken & Duck Sausage Gumbo $16 which was a traditional New Orleans dark roux stew.  I also got to pick 2 sides, and since I loved their beet chutney so much last time, I went with that one again along with cajun potato salad.  Both sides were great, and even the stew although it was very rich and I couldn't finish.  Still it was great to have duck stew! 

Buju Banton - What Ya Gonna Do

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