Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cause Love don't start a fight, Sorry don't make it right

Thursday after work = gossip with my gf :)

What a crazy week this has been for me.. I don't get too into my personal life on my blog, but I know some will be reading that will know what's up..

Anyways one of my girlfriends Diana called to meet up after work to eat and catch up on our crazy lives and it was exactly what I needed after having such a messed up week.  We met at Broadway/Commercial and since she is vegetarian and it was raining outside I figured we could go grab some comforting indian food.  I forgot how horrible the ambiance in Corner Tandoori is.  Thankfully they have really good food for cheap and lots of vegetarian dishes.

So we sit down and Diana is like wow this place is depressing.  It is pretty true - not a date place for sure.  I think the funniest thing was when our waitress came and we asked her what vegetarian dishes were on special, she replied everything is special.  I re-asked her, but what is on special today?  She then said everything... I don't think she got it.  She didn't even ask if we wanted anything to drink.

Anyways we ended up talking about our crazy weeks - and the only other diners were old religious men, and I think we offended them with our conversation.. too bad I really didn't care.

At least our food came pretty quick.  I ordered the Saag Aloo for $6.95 which was curried spinach with potatoes and Naan.  The Naan was fresh, light and flakey and the Saag Aloo was really good and tasty.

Diana went with the Chana Saag for $6.95 which was curried spinach with chickpeas and Naan.  She also really enjoyed this.  We were only able to eat half each.. too bad the waitress didn't realize we wanted our food to go.. I would of thought they'd be in a hurry to get us out of there!  Next time we dine it will be at a place with finer men for sure :)

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