Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Saturday - Monks Brunch, Seawall, & Sushi with the Girls.

My mom and I met up for our usual brunch at Monk McQueens and Seawall stroll on saturday.  Normally we do this on sunday, but since my mom was busy sunday morning with the Sun Run, we went for a saturday meet up.  Monk McQueens has a new brunch menu :)  I loved their menu before, but I was glad they had new dishes I could try!  We recieved our free round of their amazing mimosa's and also ordered some tea.

There were so many wonderful things to order but I decided on getting the Jamaican Appleton Banana French Toast $12 with plantain chips and fresh fruit.  This was so good!  It was like eating banana bread french toast - something I have never had.  I rarely eat french toast to begin with, but banana bread french toast is so much better than regular french toast!  I also loved the fruit.  I love how they cut the fruit up in smaller pieces now and you get more fruit than before.

My mom went with the Smoked Salmon Scramble for $16 which was a smoked salmon scrambled eggs with creme fraiche, hashbrowns and fresh fruit.  It was also supposed to come with a croissant, but my mom skipped that.  She loved this and said the smoked salmon was amazing!

After a filling breakfast we walked over the cambie bridge and did the false creek seawall side.  We came across a playpark that was empty so we decided to take a moment and enjoy the swings.  Swinging is so much fun!

After our lovely day enjoying the sun, I headed home to get ready to meet up with my gfs Denise and Aileen for our date at California Sushi with their kids Dione and Justin.  Denise had never been to California Sushi before, so I was excited for her to finally try it.  I was still pretty full from my Monks brunch, so I skipped the more filling dishes and ordered the Tuna Gomae $4.50 and the Spicy Agadashi Tofu $3.95.

The Tuna Gomae - spinach salad, chunks of tuna & seasame paste was huge and really filling.  I really enjoyed the tuna with my spinach, and the sesame paste tasted really good with my tuna as normally I just get my tuna spicy from here.

The Spicy Agadashi Tofu was also really good and filling.  On my last visit, my moms friend Marianne ordered this dish, and it looked so good I was determined to get it on my next visit.  I'm glad I did, as I love the spicy sauce from California Sushi.

Denise went with the Crunch Cali roll $3.95 (deep fried california roll with special sauce) and also the Dynamite roll $3.95 (lettuce, cucumber, avocado, masago, prawn tempura & mayo.  It was cute watching Dione eat as she only ate the outside of the roll with the rice and seaweed and did not eat the inside. 

Aileen ordered the Ebi Sunomono $3.25.

She also ordered the Chicken Katsu roll $3.95 for Justin (chicken cutlet, lettuce, cucmber), and she had the Bill's Roll $3.95 - smoked salmon, cucumber, lettuce, mayo & deep fried yam and also the Chopped Scallop Roll for $3.95.  Unlike Dione, Justin only ate the inside of the roll and skipped the rice.

I love going to California Sushi and can't wait for my next visit and I can try more dishes I haven't tried there.  Next time I want to try their Tuna Tataki.

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