Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot damn we wanna jamboree

Amanda's bday party and Thai House

One of my BFF's Dereks wifey was having her bday at Hennessey Lounge in Van last saturday and practically rented out the place since the pearty was for like 60 people.  It was a great vibe, and got to chill with some of my old high school friends.  Too bad the food sucked and the waitress was crazy.

The food sucked so bad I don't even care to post pictures.  I'll just say don't eat here.. the bread could barely stay together in a burger, the chicken burger was cut up before being placed on the bun, and there was more guacamole than chicken.  The yam fries tasted weird and the spring rolls arrived less than 5 minutes after being ordered when the place is packed - which means it's not freshly made.  Normally I don't give a bad write up on food - but Hennessey really let me down.

Next up we had a crazy waitress.  Does any one else find it weird when your waitress is carrying around a miniature stuffed teddy bear with her the whole time and smelling it?  Well she was.  She was holding it while she took our order - which she had to come back to clarify since she couldn't hold a pen since she was busy holding and smelling her Teddy Bear.  Even when she delivered our drinks and food she had her bear.  Seriously?

On the other hand, the drinks were cheap, and the party was fun - just not a place to eat.

Come sunday morning my gf Diana who also came to the party saturday night, met up with me for her first thai experience.  We went to Thai House downtown to take away her thai virginity.  She couldn't believe she had never had thai before as it's so delish and healthy.

I ordered something new that I had never tried at Thai House.  I had the Goong Pad Prig Khing $14.95 which was Tiger Prawns with green beans, lime leaves & spicy sauce.  Normally I get this dish from my local thai spots I visit at lunch.  The portion was big and there were lots of prawns.

Diana ordered the dish my mom normally gets.  She had the Goong Sapparod for $14.95 - Stir fried Tiger Prawns with red curry paste, fresh pineapple & coconut milk.  Normally this is served in a pineapple shell but our server advised us that the pineapples were not up to par that day.

Naughty By Nature - Jamboree

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