Saturday, April 30, 2011

It takes acquired minds to taste it

Friday = Dinner at El Inka

My coworker Jeff and I decided to hit up El Inka after work on friday to get our peruvian food fix.  We had also visited Brentwood earlier that day to listen to some amazing music from these 2 guys who play flutes from Chile and Ecuador.  I also bought some awsome hand crafted accessories from them, and listened to them play flutes as tall as their body.  El Inka seemed like the perfect fix to top off our latin day.

We ordered a bunch of dishes, all of which were different ones than our last visit.  We ordered the Patacon for $4.99 which was 2 fried plantains.  They came in a pancake like form served with a homemade salsa.  These were amazing and the salsa was so fantastic.  I have never tasted a salsa like this one at a restaurant before.

We also order the Yuquitas $3.50 which is fried cassava, served with their house made hot sauce.  These were like eating fries, but really good, sweeter fries.

Jeff also ordered a side of sweet plantains.  These were so amazing.  I think I'm hooked on plantains.

Jeff ordered the Arroz Con Pollo for $11 which is chicken, white rice, cilatro, peas, red pepper, carrots and onion salsa.  I tried this dish and the rice was very flavorful, and even the onion salsa had a perfect light balance.

Jeff also ordered the Aji de Gallina for $10 which was potatoes, tasty sauce, lettuce, egg and olive.  I love how they call it tasty sauce, as it actually was really tasty.  I tried this dish and it was really good.  The sauce felt like a cheese gravy with shredded chicken.  I have no idea what the sauce was, but it was really good.

I ordered the Ajiaco for $11 which was traditional Bogotanian soup made with 3 kinds of potatoes, chicken and corn on the cob served with rice, avocado and arepa.  I had never had peruvian soup before so I didn't know what to expect, but this was really fantastic.  It was a thicker cream, and it could be poured over rice, or you could dip the arepa bread into the soup.  It was a very mild soup and reminded me of a creamy chicken soup that mom would cook from scratch when you had a cold.

Paramore - Born For This

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