Sunday, April 10, 2011

She's a good rider, she's my kindhearted lady

Yaggers, Gelato & Starfish Saving on 3rd beach.

I met up with my gf Diana for lunch before heading out to the seawall to get our workout on.  Since I love using my entertainment coupons, I figured Yaggers would be perfect since we were meeting by Waterfront, and Yaggers has lots of vegetarian items.

I've been to Yaggers a few times, and there are so many dishes on their menu I want to try so I know I will keep coming back!  I went with the Tuna Burger $14 which was 6 oz Ahi Tuna with watercress and wasabi soy mayo seared on a yukon scallion potato focaccia bread with yam fries (subbed for $2.50).  This was soo good but a bit messy.  I never thought to have Ahi Tuna on a burger, and I would so get this again - as long as I'm not on a date.  The yam fries were also really good, way better than the ones I had tried recently at Henessey Lounge.

Diana went with the Yagger's Veggie Burger for $11 which was savoury bulgar falafel, crisp veggies, toasted sunflower seeds, avocado, tzatziki, & mandarin honey mustard served on yukon scallion potato focaccia bread with yam fries (subbed for $2.50).  Diana had closed her burger but I got her to reopen it for my photo hence the mess.

Along our seawall trip in Coal Harbor we stopped at Casa Dolce Gelato for some dessert.  I had never been here before, but Diana comes every time before her seawall run.  How could I have missed this place for so long!  It was amazing.  We both ordered the child size Gelato which was around $4 with tax.  I got half cotton candy/ half kiwi and Diana went with Blueberry.  This was soooo amazing and I can't wait to come back.

We decied to stop at Third Beach and enjoy the sun and sand, but ended venturing out on the most people rock filled with tide pools and starfish.

Diana was determined to save every starfish and transfer them back to the ocean before the seagulls came and ate them.

She even pulled a starfish from the seagulls mouth and saved it!

Then we sat on 3rd Beach and fed the seagulls left over yam fries so they wouldn't eat the starfish.

Led Zeppelin - Travelling Riverside Blues

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