Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well there's not a lot for you to give if you're giving in

Tuesday night = Sanafir and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Last tuesday I met up with my mom to check out the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I hadn't been since the Olympics.  Sadly, this time around it wasn't as exciting.  However, I hit up Sanafir prior with my mom since it was tuesday and everything was 50% off!  Plus my mom had never been and they offer a lot of gluten free options, so I was excited to introduce her to it.  We started with a round of cocktails.  I had the Kedros $7.25 with campari, passion fruit puree, fresh grapefruit and bubbles.  This was really good.

To start my mom and I ordered the Quinoa Salad with roasted root vegetables, roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette for $3.75.  This dish was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to try it again.  I loved the fried leeks, and the artichokes the most.  Everything was flavorful and there were so many textures.

My mom & I also ordered the Winter Melon & Feta Cheese with olive oil, pumpkin seeds for $3.25.  This was really light and refreshing but probably the most plain and simple out of all the dishes we tried that night.

I ordered the Grilled Coho Salmon - wild coho, white bean puree, tomato, cucumber for $3.25.  My mom would of tried this except it came on a crostini - next time she will request it on greens so it can be gluten free.  This dish was not overpowering and really focused on the salmon.  I couldn't really taste the bean puree, tomato or cucumber - only salmon and green onions.

My mom and I also ordered the Tandoori Prawn Skewer - grilled tandoori spiced prawns, chickpea, arugula salad for $3.75.  I love this dish.  I had ordered it on my last visit at Sanafir.  I could order this dish every time, and it was my favorite one out of all the dishes I tried this visit.

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