Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back in the days we hustled for sneakers and beepers

Blog Update - dining out midweek with Derek, Diana and Smokey - My 3 closest friends since highschool!

Monday one of my bffs Derek and I met up for our weekly lunch date.  Derek suggested we hit up Miki Sushi, one of our locals I go to when I'm craving oysters.  This visit, Derek was actually getting a lunch box so I thought I'd get one too.  The great thing about their bento box lunch combos, is they are all $6.95!  They have about 10 choices to choose from which all include miso soup, salad and fruit.  I decided on going with their bento box that had salmon teriyaki, tuna roll and tempura.  It was a great deal for only $6.95.  They upgraded my tuna roll to the spicy tuna roll for no additional charge, the salmon was light and fresh, and they tempura was good with 2 pieces of ebi, and 2 pieces of yam.  The spicy tuna roll was good too, but it still doesn't beat my fave at California Sushi.

For Dereks lunch he started with 2 pieces of tamago at 99 cents each.

For his bento box, he went with the one that had chicken teriyaki, BC roll, and gyozas.  I love my lunch dates with Derek :)

Come midweek I met up for dinner with Diana to check out Saravana Bhavan for their South Indian Vegetarian Thali special for $5.95.  I thought Diana would like this since she loves vegetarian meals.  I loved how she said, "Wow all this for $5!"  I think I have her hooked on eating out at places we can score good deals at.  It was also more exciting than our last east indian dining experience at Corner Tandoori.

On friday, I thought I'd hit up Salathai and visit one of my good friends Smokey before seeing Thor with my date.  Smokey is one of the bartenders there, and one of the best bartenders I know!  Nothing like free yummy drinks made by your girlfriend, while you sit at the bar and catch up.  She made me some yummy Thai drinks, and I have no idea what was in them, but they were amazing!

I wasn't too hungry, but wanted something light for dinner, so Smokey recommended I try the Salathai Seafood Salad for $12.99 which had scallops, prawns, white fish, squid, tossed with chilli & lime, mixed with fresh lemon grass, onions and mint leaves.  The salad was perfect, and so tasty!  Totally hit the spot for something light and refreshing!

Tupac - Starin Through My Rear View

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  1. Did you like the movie Thor? We watched that movie last week. It was a good movie.