Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Loathing on Jericho

What a better way to kick off this heat blast we got this week than to relax on my favorite Vancouver beach, Jericho.  Tuesday I spent just over 3 hours soaking up the sun and reading one of my latest Pac books.  This is now the 5th Tupac book I own.  Diana who knows hardly anything about the man, decided to switch books.  She ended up giving me her latest Budism book so she could learn about why I love Pac so much.  I never thought I'd see the day Diana would be reading about Tupac on the beach with me.

We also watched some windsurfing lessons going on.

When the sun was going down we headed over to Las Margaritas to grab some dinner.  Diana actually had dinner at the beach c/o Choices, but we also wanted a margarita, so we hit up Las Margs.  We each had a regular margarita for $6.25.  I went with half coconut - half pineapple.  Diana went with half coconut - half mango.  These were so refreshing after a day in the sun!

For my dinner, I went with the Crab Enchiladas for $13.95.  Two soft corn tortillas filled with a mixture of rock crab, sautéed mushrooms, onions, cilantro and white wine. Covered with a cilantro/pesto cream sauce and a sprinkling of cheese. Served with rice and house salad.  I loved this, but it was huge so I only ate half.  There was a lot of rock crab too!

Since Diana already ate, she went with something lighter - the Jalapeno Poppers for $8.45.  Jalapeño chiles stuffed with cream cheese and served with chipotle dip.  There were actually 5 but Diana was too hungry and ate one before I remembered to take a picture.

Dennis Brown - Rasta Children

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