Monday, May 9, 2011

I appreciate how you raised me & all the extra love that you gave me

Happy Mothers Day!

I spent last sunday with my mom celebrating mothers day.  After making a quick stop in richmond, we headed over to Yaletown to have some gluten free chicken wings for lunch.  Cactus club does have a gluten free menu, but the wings do not appear on them.  However, you can ask them to make baked gluten free hot wings, which take about 20 minutes.  My mom was excited to have wings on mothers day!  We each ordered the hot wings appetizer at $10 each.  These were good, but I still think Yaggers has the best wings in the city!

After finishing off our lunch, we strolled along the yaletown seawall over towards Stanley Park, stopping to take photos along the way.

We also saw the Munin viking ship which I will be going out on in a few weeks!

The sun came out and so did the skim boarders.

Then my mom and I went to save some starfish from some seaguls.  We actually saw a seagul, pick up one, chug it down, and swallow it whole.

And then we saw a tv floating in the Ocean!  Seriously!!!!!  I never thought I would see that along the seawall.

Thankfully Greggor came along and went in to remove it.  Greggor is my local enviro hero!

We finished off our mothers day walk with a few more random pictures along the way.

To finish off our wonderful afternoon we stopped at Bella Gelateria for some gelato.  My mom went with the Thai Coconut Milk & the BC Hazelnut.  I went with the Akbar Mashti (saffron, rosewater, devonshire cream & pistachio) and also the Amarena Cherry.  Both flavors I ordered were really amazing, and the Akbar flavor was something totally creative I normally wouldn't think to try, but it really worked!  I'm totally craving gelato again!

Tupac - Dear Mama

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  1. Very nice sunshine . . . too many wonderful moments to pick a favorite . . . thanks again, Mom