Saturday, May 7, 2011

I wanna know what it is about you

Wednesday = Mini Celebration and Thai House!

To get over the wednesday hump, my coworkers brought me out to T&T for some lunch time shopping.  I had not been to T&T since I was in highschool, & I was so excited in there!  I was like a kid in a candy store!  I ended up buying 2 mini cakes to celebrate my coworkers Jessie promotion, so I got a strawberry cheesecake and a panda tiramisu.  One thing I really wanted to get was a durian but my coworkers would not let me get it.  One of my coworkers Jeff, he will eat anything - even guinea pigs - but he will not touch durian.  I don't get how the one thing he won't eat is a fruit - so I really wanted to get one.  Apparently it is the stinkiest fruit ever.

My other cowroker bought Hello Kitty marshmallows filled with a strawberry filling.  These were really good.

After a fun afternoon of shopping on our lunch break, I headed over to metrotown to meet up with my gf Hannah at Thai House.  They actually had a new menu - well items on their menu I had never seen before!  I ended up ordering something new and went with their Are Han Jaan Bhed - Roasted Long Island Duck $13.50 - stir fried with thai chili, onions and fresh basil.  I don't order duck too often at Thai restaurants - usually as they don't have too many duck choices on their menu.  Luckilly with the new menu, there are lots of duck options.  The duck meat was surprisingly tender, and they had removed the fatty part and the skin.  There was an abundance of vegetables too!

Hannah went with the Tiger Prawns with mixed seasonal veggies $15.50.  I forget the exact name of this dish and which sauce she had, but it was really tasty!  Thai house never seems to let me down :)

Freddie McGregor - I See It In You

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  1. Those cakes are so cute! I love T&T's bakery section