Monday, May 2, 2011

lawwwwwwd have mercy

Saturday Night at Sanafir :)

Last Saturday, while most people were watching the hockey game, Diana and I headed downtown to our favorite date spot Sanafir.  I think I got Diana hooked on Sanafir now, especially with their yummy aromatic Vanilla cocktails, and amazing tapas.  Plus Sanafir totally reminds me of Sex in the City 2.  We sat on their heated patio, and listened to some fun music, while we watched some belly dancers and chatted it up.

Of course we had to order our favorite drinks - The Vanilla Aromatic Cocktail for $7.50 which has banff ice vodka, mango, guava, vanilla and lemon mint.  This drink is so good!  There are so many other ones I want to try, but I always seem to order this one!

Sanafir also has cards by their entrance for free teasers, so this time we actually remembered to redeem them for 2 free vegetarian teasers created by the chef.  Diana and I both thought they were a bit too salty.

For our dinner Diana ordered her usual dish - Tandoori Prawn $7.95 with grilled tandoori spiced prawns, chickpea, arugula salad.  I still think there is a different chef than the one that cooks on tuesday nights, but since I am going to Sanafir on tuesday, I will be able to compare the difference.

I went with my usual - Quinoa Salad $7.95 - roasted root vegetables, roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette.  Normally I really love this dish, but I think they added a little too much fried onions this time.

I have been wanting to try their cheese plate for the longest time, especially since Cheese is my Chocolate - but I never ordered it since it came with a bunch of pork.  I asked our waiter if he could make the cheese plate vegetarian, and he was glad to do so.  One of the chefs actually brought out our cheese plate and explained the custom creation he made for us for $14.95.  Extra points to the kitchen, chef and waiter for making us a custom plate, and coming out to explain what it was!  Sadly I don't remember everything, but I do know it had manchego and valdeon cheeses, pickled vegetables, olives, quince paste, crostini, and a watermelon with arugula and blue cheese salad.

In total there were 6 different types of cheese plus condiments, and this was a great deal from Sanafir!  I can't wait to try their cheese plate again - especially on a tuesday!  Their cheese plate has become one of my new favorite dishes :)

And of course their belly dancers came out for some saturday night dancing.

After Sanafir we stopped to check out some performers on Granville, and so Diana could stare at the topless drummer.

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