Thursday, May 5, 2011

You remind me of what I miss

Tuesday night at Sanafir with a gf :)

I'm always excited to introduce my friends to Sanafir.  Especially on tuesday when they have an amazing chef, (well I think they have a different chef than the weekend one, and I prefer the mid week one).  I brought my gf Lorraine to check out Sanafir for the first time, and I couldn't decide if we should dine in, or on their heated patio.  We ended up sitting inside, so we could catch a glimse of the Canucks game if needed.  Our chef brought us out some free teasers - Dolmades.   These were actually stuffed with chicken so I could eat them :)  I think they had a spicy tomato lime sauce, but they were pretty flavorful and perfect for a free appetizer!

I ordered the black pepper calamari for $4 - wok fried, cracked black pepper, lime aioli.  I ordered this dish when I went to Sanafir with Derek & Amanda, and was excited to have it again.  The squid pieces are huge, and it wasn't overly fried or cooked.  The red pepper and onion also blended very well with the squid.

Lorraine went with the Grilled Octopus for $4 with crushed potato, mussels, chilies chorizo, cauliflower, olive oil.  I tried a piece of the Octopus and it was amazing.  Normally I don't eat octopus, so I was excited to try it :)

I also ordered their cheese board for $7.50 with duck prosciutto, manchego and valdeon cheeses, pickled vegetables, olives, quince paste, crostini.  I had this on saturday, minus the duck, but since this came with duck and I love my poultry, I decided to try it.  This dish was so filling and I had no need to order anything else.  Too bad I did - but it worked out good as I got it to go :)  I loved the duck, although it was a bit chewy, and the cheese was strong the way I like it.  I also really enjoy their pickled carrots!

Lorraine went with their Lamb Tagine for $8.50 with braised lamb, tomatoes, dates, sumac, and roasted garlic.  She enjoyed this dish also, but ended up getting it to go after her big octopus platter.

The dish I ended up getting to go was the Vindaloo Prawns $9 with mango chutney, cucumber raita, and pappadums.  This dish was good as far as flavors went, but it only came with 4 prawns, which is what you could get in a mezze dish for half the price.  The chutney and raita were very tasty, however I found them to have their own fusion as they weren't really authentic.

Isley Brothers - This Old Heart Of Mine


  1. One of these days I'll go there with you, I promise!

  2. The food looks go good. The best part is it's 50% off.