Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cause you are the moon & I the endless sky

Tuesday at Sanafir with Ignacio & Diana

Hope everyone had a fabulous tuesday!  I met up with Nene and Diana at Sanafir, and it was extra exciting as Ignacio had never been to Sanafir before!  It's always exciting introducing people to restaurants I love.

It was a packed night, and we managed to grab a spot on the patio.  The chef brought us complimentary teasers with ahi tuna.  These were way better than the salty crackers they brought Diana and I that one time!

Diana and I both ordered the Patatas Bravas for $4 with crispy smashed fingerling potatoes with a spicy chili-tomato sauce.  I figured this visit I would order some dished I've never tried.  This was a whole lot of potatoes!

I also decided I would order an entree.  I had never ordered an entree on a tuesday before - which made me wonder why, as I have tried aout 20 of their appetizers.  Since everything is 50% off on tuesdays, I decided I would order a main and get leftovers for the next day.  I ordered the Paella Valencia with grilled tiger prawns, clams, mussels, & chicken (no chorizo) for $10.  Talk about a massive dish.  This was huge!  This could easilly feed 2 or 3 people alone.  I probably only had a few bites, and got the rest to go, but the few bites I had were amazing!  It was filled with so much variety and flavor, and their was an abundance of seafood!  I would totally get this again.

Diana also ordered her regular Tandoori Prawns for $4 with chickpea and arugula salad.  This time she made sure she asked for no heads.

Ignacio ordered some cerveza and the Egyptian Spiced Striploin for $10.50 with cauliflower puree, roasted tomato & eggplant with madera jus.  He said this was good, but as far as value, I think my Paella is definately a larger portion compared to the steak, as you get just as much meat in the Paella.  However, a 7oz striploin for $10.50 is an amazing deal!

It was a great tuesday night with my friends :)

Sade ft Jay-Z - Moon & The Sky

Monday, June 27, 2011

Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

Carnival De Sol 2011!

I was totally looking forward to checking out Carnival de Sol 2011 with my homeboy Igancio since he is from Columbia and could be my local guide!  The festival had everything from a street soccer tournament, to latin dancing on the street, a dance off between a brazilian and a sikh, and even David Suzuki!

Ignacio & I both stopped to paint for a good cause involving freedom of speech in Nicaragua.

And also to take pictures with the Vancouver Aquarium mascot, (which I also used to be when I was 14 and looking for aquatic volunteer work for my resume).  Trust me, it is no fun wearing a costume in the hot summer.  Luckilly I got upgraded to face painter after a week!

We also stopped by to write on the recovery wall.  Nachito drew Homer Simpson loves Vancouver.

After a fun day we were starving and went to Roxy Burger for dinner.  Ignacio and I met up with Diana and Noemy.  Since Roxy is famous for burgers, we all had some.  I had the Thai Chicken Burger for $11.50 with salad.  Diana had the Salmon buger with fries for $10.95, Nacho had the Roxy Burger with fries for $10.25.  Noemy had vodka cranberry.

After we ate, we went back to the main stage for more dancing.  It was an amazing festival.  So glad the streets of Vancouver are back with normal fun people!

Guns N Roses - Paradise City

Saturday, June 25, 2011

She will find her place in the sun and she'll fly

Hello Summer!

Tuesday was the first day of summer, and although it was a work day.. I hit the seawall right after to soak up the sun.  It was so gorgeous outside!

It's always so beautiful to see animal families!

Even Lost Lagoon was looking gorgeous.

After building up an appetite, my mom & I joined Diana at Sanafir for a late dinner.  Check out their beautiful Star Anise aromatic cocktail with Bombay Saphire, Star Anise syrup, Star Anise & sugar rim.

For my dinner I ordered 2 tapas.  Since it was tuesday, all of their food was 50% off :)  I ordered their chicken & poached egg white salad (no chorizo) with caramelized onions & a paprika honey vinaigrette for $4.  I had never tried this dish, but my coworker Jeffrey got it on his last visit and said I would love it.  He was right!

I also went with the Grilled Octopus with crushed potato, mussels, chilies, cauliflower & olive oil (no chorizo) for $4.  This dish was so amazing too!  The octopus was so tasty, and I really enjoyed it grilled.  I think it had a bit of a light citrus taste to it.

My mom & Diana both ordered the Tandoori Prawns with chickpea and arugula salad for $4.

My mom also ordered the Quinoa Salad with roasted root vegetables, & a roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette for $4.

Tracy Chapman - She's Got Her Ticket

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scared to be blind in a vulnerable night

And Vancouver rises...

It's such a horrible feeling to watch people burn their own city down and get joy over it.  It's even worse to watch them vicously attack people trying to defend their own city. 

Wednesdays Riot will mark one of the sadder days of Vancouver, but Thursday marks the true meaning of Vancouver.  Hundreds gather downtown to clean up our beautiful city and not only help restore our wonderful city, but also show the world what the REAL people of Vancouver are like. 

Those rioters do not represent Vancouver, and it's a shame so many people had to feel their wrath.

Prior to the riot, I met up with my gf Jessie and her friends at Browns Social to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.  Since our team was down, the boys got creative and started making statues out of things on the table.  Boys will be boys.

I had a glass of white peach sangria.  It was ok, but a little too bitter and acidic for sangria.

We ordered some wings since they are on special everyday for $6.  Not the best either, but I don't think anyone in Vancouver can beat Yaggers yet.

My main I ordered however was amazing.  I had the low carb tahitian tuna spa bowl for $16.45 which had braised red cabbage and goats cheese and the cowgirl salad.  The salad is so tasty with walnuts, dates, corn, edamame, greens, feta and an apple-miso vinaigrette.  I would definately order this dish again!  The ahi tuna was seared perfectly too!

And then this happened...

The next day I met up with my gf Teresa and my fave kiddie Media for dinner at the Reef on the drive.

They brought over the complimentary Johnny Cakes, and this time they served it with their house hot sauce which was so tasty!  It reminded me of the hot sauce from El Inka.

For my appy I started off with the Island Crab Cakes $9, curry scented and served with a lime chili aioli.  These crab cakes were so good and moist.  I think its my favorite appetizer I've tried from the Reef so far!

Teresa ordered the Yardie Yam Fries with jerk mayo for $6.  These fries were huge.

As for my main, I actually found it to be bland and boring :(  I went with the Chicken Curry $10 with white rice, coleslaw, mango chutney & dahi.  I think since I've ate at Kingston, no other restaurant has been able to compare as far as the chicken curry, and this one let me down.  The quality was there, it just wasn't as flavorful as I wanted.

Teresa went with the curry chicken roti $10 with coleslaw.

Our dessert was so amazing!  We both ordered the seasonal crepes for $5 with mango coconut cream cheese with vanilla syrup and whipped cream.  I rarely eat crepes, and this one totally did it justice.  Definately redeemed the boring entree!

Come saturday, my mom and I headed downtown to check out the city and enjoy the Pancake breakfast put on by the police and fireman of Vancouver.  This was to thank all the good people in Vancouver, for all their help and support in repairing our beautiful city.

You can see some douches came and ripped off their pictures, probably ashamed for what they did to our city.

Saturday night, was date night and we went to Carthage.  My coworker Jeff had been telling me I need to check out this place for the longest time as he swore by the service.  His favorite server is actually no longer there, but this place was still pretty good.

We tried the Morrocan mint tea which was so amazing.  It was served in large shot glasses with fresh mint, and we tried the sweet version.  If you ever stop by this place, you need to order this tea!

I went with Chicken Tagine for $19.  I have always wanted to try this dish since seeing it on a Gordon Ramsey show.  I think there must be several versions, as the one I saw had apricots, figs and dates - and I think this one was more saffron, cumin, and lemon.  It was really good still!

Sadik went with the Chicken Couscous for $18 with tomato sauce, meditteranean spices & autumn veggies.  He had never had couscous before.  It's so exciting trying new dishes, especially when you grow to like them.

Tupac - The Fear in the Heart of a Man

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My love, I send this smile over to you

While everyone was watching the Canucks lose 8-1, this is what I did!

Monday was such a beautiful day.. I decided to hit up the seawall after work and get some excersize.  I've been hitting the gym alot lately, but going for a lenghty outdoor stroll always beats the gym for me!

The sad thing is my camera of 5 years - my Olympus FE-230 died after the first picture.  I don't know what happened!  When I try to turn it on the lens keeps opening and closing several times before closing and turning off.  It doesn't let me turn it on :(  I tried trouble shooting it as much as I could, but sadly I think it's gone.  RIP camera.. you took many amazing shots.

At least I know what my next purchase will be, since having a camera is a much needed possession for me!  At least my mom had her camera on her to capture pictures from our walk.

We ended up going off of the seawall shortly before the Lions Gate bridge and took a bunch of trails.  I had never done this part of Stanley Park before.  We ended up at Beaver Lake, and every single trail seemed to bring us back to this lake.

After being lost in the Stanley Park trails, we finally made it to the Teahouse.  At least we got some hiking done!

We sat on the patio and had some drinks while we looked over the menu, and soaked up the sun.

They brought complimentary bread, which was helpful since we ordered tasting plates.

My mom and I ordered 2 tasting plates for $16.50 each.  Here is the seafood tasting plate - which had smoked salmon, ahi tuna, and chilled prawns.  You pick 3 sides with it, so I added smoked salmon, hummus, and aged white cheddar.  They also provided cocktail sauce for the prawns.

We also ordered the cheese plate which came with brie, guiness cheddar, and blue cheese.  The 3 sides my mom picked were more brie, smoked salmon and nuts (almond & cashew mix).  They also included sweet pickled beets and onions.

Both of these plates were super tasty and totally fixed our seafood and cheese plate craving.

To top off our dinner we ordered a side of wild mushrooms for $5 which were so amazing!  I have no idea what mushrooms were used, but these were so tasty and I can't wait to eat these again.

After enjoying the Teahouse patio, we headed back down to the seawall to watch the sunset and stroll along the beaches.

We ended up along Lost Lagoon where we saw 3 swans, and even a racoon swimming.

Finally we went over to the Olympic Cauldron.  This monument is always so amazing to look at.

I had a fantastic monday night.  So glad summer is just around the courner!

Smashing Pumpkins - The Killer In Me