Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cause you are the moon & I the endless sky

Tuesday at Sanafir with Ignacio & Diana

Hope everyone had a fabulous tuesday!  I met up with Nene and Diana at Sanafir, and it was extra exciting as Ignacio had never been to Sanafir before!  It's always exciting introducing people to restaurants I love.

It was a packed night, and we managed to grab a spot on the patio.  The chef brought us complimentary teasers with ahi tuna.  These were way better than the salty crackers they brought Diana and I that one time!

Diana and I both ordered the Patatas Bravas for $4 with crispy smashed fingerling potatoes with a spicy chili-tomato sauce.  I figured this visit I would order some dished I've never tried.  This was a whole lot of potatoes!

I also decided I would order an entree.  I had never ordered an entree on a tuesday before - which made me wonder why, as I have tried aout 20 of their appetizers.  Since everything is 50% off on tuesdays, I decided I would order a main and get leftovers for the next day.  I ordered the Paella Valencia with grilled tiger prawns, clams, mussels, & chicken (no chorizo) for $10.  Talk about a massive dish.  This was huge!  This could easilly feed 2 or 3 people alone.  I probably only had a few bites, and got the rest to go, but the few bites I had were amazing!  It was filled with so much variety and flavor, and their was an abundance of seafood!  I would totally get this again.

Diana also ordered her regular Tandoori Prawns for $4 with chickpea and arugula salad.  This time she made sure she asked for no heads.

Ignacio ordered some cerveza and the Egyptian Spiced Striploin for $10.50 with cauliflower puree, roasted tomato & eggplant with madera jus.  He said this was good, but as far as value, I think my Paella is definately a larger portion compared to the steak, as you get just as much meat in the Paella.  However, a 7oz striploin for $10.50 is an amazing deal!

It was a great tuesday night with my friends :)

Sade ft Jay-Z - Moon & The Sky

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