Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I don't mind where I get taken

Rainy tuesday and I still did the seawall.. well before the rain..

Tuesday looked so nice out!  So I knew I was going to head to the seawall after work.  I got my mom to join as she was wanting to get it done also.  We started off at our usual waterfront destination, but by the time we made it to underneath the Lions bridge, it started to pour :(  Since my jacket did not have a hood and I didn't have an umbrella, we turned back.  Not fun getting soaked on the seawall!

At least on our way back my mom suggested we stop into Crime Lab to freshen up since we were soaked.  They have a heated covered patio right on the seawall, so we opted for their patio and ordered some share dishes, along with a cider for my mom, and a glass of house white for me.  Totally relaxed my soaked nerves!

We decided on sharing 2 dishes - The first we ordered was the Steamed Clams and Mussels $16 - serrano peppers, cilantro, white wine, coconut milk & cream.  I'm pretty picky about my mussels, but I most say these were sooo deelish!  The sauce was so tasty too and there were so many!  This was on the appetizer menu, but could easily be an entree.

We also ordered their cheese plate for $23 - chef's selection of cheese, fruit, roasted garlic, assorted nuts & crostini.  Both my mom and myself are suckers for good cheese, so I'm always curious when it comes to ordering cheese at new places!  This one was really good.  It was totally worth the $23 as they gave you 4 huge pieces, and the roasted garlic was amazing!  It was my moms first time having roasted garlic, and she can't wait to make it from scratch!  They also gave a good amount of fruit, nuts and crostinis.

This was my first time at Crime Lab, but I can't wait to come back again!

Boston - Don't Look Back


  1. It was da bomb diggity . . . y'all make sho y'all head over for a real coal harbour positive crime experience! Well worth the trip and the $$$!!!! Mom XO

  2. Ohhhh this looks so good!!! I am so happy that I just stumbled on your blog. It's fantastic and really original! I love everything that you cover.

    We are definitely following you now! Hope you'll visit us sometime! ;)

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza