Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My love, I send this smile over to you

While everyone was watching the Canucks lose 8-1, this is what I did!

Monday was such a beautiful day.. I decided to hit up the seawall after work and get some excersize.  I've been hitting the gym alot lately, but going for a lenghty outdoor stroll always beats the gym for me!

The sad thing is my camera of 5 years - my Olympus FE-230 died after the first picture.  I don't know what happened!  When I try to turn it on the lens keeps opening and closing several times before closing and turning off.  It doesn't let me turn it on :(  I tried trouble shooting it as much as I could, but sadly I think it's gone.  RIP camera.. you took many amazing shots.

At least I know what my next purchase will be, since having a camera is a much needed possession for me!  At least my mom had her camera on her to capture pictures from our walk.

We ended up going off of the seawall shortly before the Lions Gate bridge and took a bunch of trails.  I had never done this part of Stanley Park before.  We ended up at Beaver Lake, and every single trail seemed to bring us back to this lake.

After being lost in the Stanley Park trails, we finally made it to the Teahouse.  At least we got some hiking done!

We sat on the patio and had some drinks while we looked over the menu, and soaked up the sun.

They brought complimentary bread, which was helpful since we ordered tasting plates.

My mom and I ordered 2 tasting plates for $16.50 each.  Here is the seafood tasting plate - which had smoked salmon, ahi tuna, and chilled prawns.  You pick 3 sides with it, so I added smoked salmon, hummus, and aged white cheddar.  They also provided cocktail sauce for the prawns.

We also ordered the cheese plate which came with brie, guiness cheddar, and blue cheese.  The 3 sides my mom picked were more brie, smoked salmon and nuts (almond & cashew mix).  They also included sweet pickled beets and onions.

Both of these plates were super tasty and totally fixed our seafood and cheese plate craving.

To top off our dinner we ordered a side of wild mushrooms for $5 which were so amazing!  I have no idea what mushrooms were used, but these were so tasty and I can't wait to eat these again.

After enjoying the Teahouse patio, we headed back down to the seawall to watch the sunset and stroll along the beaches.

We ended up along Lost Lagoon where we saw 3 swans, and even a racoon swimming.

Finally we went over to the Olympic Cauldron.  This monument is always so amazing to look at.

I had a fantastic monday night.  So glad summer is just around the courner!

Smashing Pumpkins - The Killer In Me


  1. merci for the comment..the Teahouse is great. I couldn't help but notice how many of the same restaurants we've ate at haha also, The Hop & Vine, you don't live on forest grove do you?