Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scared to be blind in a vulnerable night

And Vancouver rises...

It's such a horrible feeling to watch people burn their own city down and get joy over it.  It's even worse to watch them vicously attack people trying to defend their own city. 

Wednesdays Riot will mark one of the sadder days of Vancouver, but Thursday marks the true meaning of Vancouver.  Hundreds gather downtown to clean up our beautiful city and not only help restore our wonderful city, but also show the world what the REAL people of Vancouver are like. 

Those rioters do not represent Vancouver, and it's a shame so many people had to feel their wrath.

Prior to the riot, I met up with my gf Jessie and her friends at Browns Social to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.  Since our team was down, the boys got creative and started making statues out of things on the table.  Boys will be boys.

I had a glass of white peach sangria.  It was ok, but a little too bitter and acidic for sangria.

We ordered some wings since they are on special everyday for $6.  Not the best either, but I don't think anyone in Vancouver can beat Yaggers yet.

My main I ordered however was amazing.  I had the low carb tahitian tuna spa bowl for $16.45 which had braised red cabbage and goats cheese and the cowgirl salad.  The salad is so tasty with walnuts, dates, corn, edamame, greens, feta and an apple-miso vinaigrette.  I would definately order this dish again!  The ahi tuna was seared perfectly too!

And then this happened...

The next day I met up with my gf Teresa and my fave kiddie Media for dinner at the Reef on the drive.

They brought over the complimentary Johnny Cakes, and this time they served it with their house hot sauce which was so tasty!  It reminded me of the hot sauce from El Inka.

For my appy I started off with the Island Crab Cakes $9, curry scented and served with a lime chili aioli.  These crab cakes were so good and moist.  I think its my favorite appetizer I've tried from the Reef so far!

Teresa ordered the Yardie Yam Fries with jerk mayo for $6.  These fries were huge.

As for my main, I actually found it to be bland and boring :(  I went with the Chicken Curry $10 with white rice, coleslaw, mango chutney & dahi.  I think since I've ate at Kingston, no other restaurant has been able to compare as far as the chicken curry, and this one let me down.  The quality was there, it just wasn't as flavorful as I wanted.

Teresa went with the curry chicken roti $10 with coleslaw.

Our dessert was so amazing!  We both ordered the seasonal crepes for $5 with mango coconut cream cheese with vanilla syrup and whipped cream.  I rarely eat crepes, and this one totally did it justice.  Definately redeemed the boring entree!

Come saturday, my mom and I headed downtown to check out the city and enjoy the Pancake breakfast put on by the police and fireman of Vancouver.  This was to thank all the good people in Vancouver, for all their help and support in repairing our beautiful city.

You can see some douches came and ripped off their pictures, probably ashamed for what they did to our city.

Saturday night, was date night and we went to Carthage.  My coworker Jeff had been telling me I need to check out this place for the longest time as he swore by the service.  His favorite server is actually no longer there, but this place was still pretty good.

We tried the Morrocan mint tea which was so amazing.  It was served in large shot glasses with fresh mint, and we tried the sweet version.  If you ever stop by this place, you need to order this tea!

I went with Chicken Tagine for $19.  I have always wanted to try this dish since seeing it on a Gordon Ramsey show.  I think there must be several versions, as the one I saw had apricots, figs and dates - and I think this one was more saffron, cumin, and lemon.  It was really good still!

Sadik went with the Chicken Couscous for $18 with tomato sauce, meditteranean spices & autumn veggies.  He had never had couscous before.  It's so exciting trying new dishes, especially when you grow to like them.

Tupac - The Fear in the Heart of a Man

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